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Topic: Stealth
Message: Posted by: graemesd (Nov 17, 2005 10:24AM)
I bought the stealth assassin - somebody please tell me I havent just wasted 100
I need some self serving bias here so could you all please oblige
Message: Posted by: roman59 (Nov 17, 2005 11:41AM)
Hi there

You have not wasted 100 you have invested it in something really special!

I was lucky enough to get one from Alakazam last week without the dvd's, I have been waiting for this after seeing the wallet at the Magic Circle celebrations last July.

Very very nice utility item indeed.

Message: Posted by: Steve Dela (Nov 17, 2005 12:26PM)
If you don't like it, sell it.

I am sure there will be enough people wanting one!

But it does so much I can't see anyone wanting to get rid of theirs. you just have to make sure you think about routining before you go out and perform. the peek is a utility, not an effect.

Steve Dela
Message: Posted by: Peter Nardi (Nov 17, 2005 02:52PM)
You're right Steve, The Assassin is a Utility wallet. The more you play with it the more ideas you will come up with.


Message: Posted by: cardiac (Nov 17, 2005 02:56PM)
Yeah, mine's on order as well. Looking forward to swapping a few routine ideas when we get them !
Message: Posted by: Peter Nardi (Nov 17, 2005 03:41PM)

We only have two left out of the 100. We will be taking pre-orders for the second batch when they are gone.

Message: Posted by: Chris Jones (Nov 17, 2005 04:40PM)
Well I am couting the days till crimbo because my g/f has bought one for me and I get to play with it and explore it on dec 25th crimbo day, Peter from abrakazam showed me it on the TMC dealers day and it looks totaly amzing with lodas of cool bits. I love derren brown style mind control so will be amzing people for a long time with it.


Message: Posted by: Josh Zandman (Nov 17, 2005 08:02PM)
What can you do with the stealth? switches/peeks?
Message: Posted by: cardiac (Nov 18, 2005 01:50AM)

Message: Posted by: Josh Zandman (Nov 18, 2005 02:27AM)
Thanks cardiac! Going to check it out right now ...
Message: Posted by: Steve Dela (Nov 18, 2005 03:58AM)
Out of curiosity...has anyone ordered more than one?

Steve Dela
Message: Posted by: Jon Beetham (Nov 18, 2005 04:42AM)

If you want to get rid of it I'll take it off your hands.

I already have one without the DVD but spent the day at Alakazam and had the honour of having Peter Nardi & Mark Spellman both run me through various routines. Needles to say I have come up with various handlings myself and have some wonderful ideas utilising the index section of the wallet.

It may look small, black with no flashing lights but surely that's the idea. Spellman performed Quiz Master and Cash Cabaret and both were beautiful, Cash Cabaret is totally impromtu and is a real beauty, his serial number bonus is on the soon to be released DVD.

Graemesd, wait for the DVD and have a play I really think you'll be happy with it.


Message: Posted by: Peter Nardi (Nov 18, 2005 07:12AM)
Hi Graemesd,

You have not wasted your money. Wait until you get it, watch the dvd's and then play with it ...you will love it!

Message: Posted by: Jon Beetham (Nov 18, 2005 08:53AM)
My apologizes I assumed you already had one?

Reading your post again I understand your anxiousness, trust me it is worth the wait and if Peter and Mark deliver on the DVD like they did at Alakazam your in for a treat and some good laughs. Mark was surprisingly funny as was Peter.

Message: Posted by: cardiac (Nov 18, 2005 09:57AM)
I understand there's 2 DVD's which ship with the wallet - cool !

It's my first major (magic related) purchase for a while. When I get depressed about the price I go and look at Fabrice Delaure's website :)

I see there's a forum on the Stealth Assassin website so it might be a good place to swap routines when we get our new toys.
Message: Posted by: graemesd (Nov 19, 2005 04:28AM)
Cardiac - lol
Message: Posted by: Peter Nardi (Nov 19, 2005 04:50AM)
Hi Guys,

Just to let you all know. We have now completely sold out of the first batch of Assassin wallets and we are already up to 10 units sold from the second batch!

If you would like to pre-order from the second batch you can do so on our site.


Message: Posted by: Roki (Nov 19, 2005 05:11AM)
I really like the Assassin because of its everyday look, as with the original stealth. I also use the SUC style peek on another wallet .
I am not sure I would need both types of peek on the same wallet . Is there some advantage to the stealth peek that the SUC cannot achieve ? Also is there a value in having both on the same wallet ?
Any views on this would be appreciated .
Message: Posted by: Peter Nardi (Nov 19, 2005 05:23AM)
I have only used the SUC peek I few times. I have been using the Stealth peek for years and love it. I am usualy surrounded when I perform so I feel a lot cleaner with the Stea;lth peek. Now having the SUC and the Stealth peek in one wallet allows for some great impromptu mentalism (loading, unloading and switching)

Why carry two wallets when the Assassin does it all and fits in your pocket!

PS. Roki did you see the Assassin at the Magic Circle dealers day?
Message: Posted by: Roki (Nov 19, 2005 06:09AM)
Yes Peter , I saw the Assassin . I really liked it. I liked the everyday look of it . I particularly liked the stitching for SUC on both outsides making it look the same both ways ,almost examinable!!
If it was my first wallet , I would get this and the DVD , without a doubt .
As I have a few I was trying to establish if the extra features justify another purchase .
The fact that the stealth peek is easier in surround situations is worth considering,
I havent found it hard with SUC style , but it may be safer with the stealth.
Although you are adding SUC to stealth I would be adding stealth to SUC , you see !!
I am sure there are other advantages that have not been described yet . It is a great product .
Message: Posted by: Infamy_Infamy (Nov 19, 2005 07:08AM)
I'm new on here, so please bear with me. I've read about so many different wallets. Can anyone give me an unbiased opinion on the various types? Do most wallets incorporate SUC?
Message: Posted by: A.G. (Nov 19, 2005 12:14PM)
Stealth Assasin is all you will ever need,Luke Jermay showed me this at Mind Vention at around 6:30 am after a long 5 hour session in the Irish bar.....really fantastic, highly reccomended.
Peter Nardi has put a ton of work together to offer an incredible tool for any serious worker.
Message: Posted by: Peter Nardi (Nov 20, 2005 09:07AM)
Thanks AG.

Message: Posted by: Mental_Mike (Nov 20, 2005 10:31AM)
These aren't limitied, are they? Will I be able to get one in a few months if I wish? Thanks.

Message: Posted by: cardiac (Nov 20, 2005 10:35AM)
Mike, I believe the second batch of 100 is out in Feb. but Peter at Alakazam will let you know (and take your order, no doubt :) )

Message: Posted by: Peter Nardi (Nov 20, 2005 02:35PM)

The first batch is now sold out (unless anyone pulls out of the first batch)

The second batch is due out in Feb but we are pushing the manufacturers to see if we can get them any quicker.