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Topic: Joshua Jay Las Vegas lecture
Message: Posted by: clowngrass (Nov 20, 2005 01:02AM)
Joshua jay gave a great lecture at Boomers in Las Vegas Wed Nov.17th. It was well attended and everyone was paying close attention. The aspects I appreciated most was his humble attitude, paying tribute to other magicians that might not receive the recogition they deserve and his thinking on creating effects.
One aspect that I really appreciated was his "horror" stories. Most magicians/mentalists lectures, books and DVD's hardly ever go into their screw ups. They may touch on this but only slightly as if to protect their status. They like to imply they are let's say 90% perfect; even in the begining of their careers. But Joshua shared these so-called "horror" stories helping others to feel more secure in their own work and natural screw ups. His Michael Jackson story was hilarious. This proves to me that Joshua Jay is a true teacher and secure in his abilites. I look foward to this young man's (as he pointed out a few times-he's 24)continuing development.
His magic was great, creative and he is trully a nice person. I highly recommend his works!
Good job Joshua Jay!
Message: Posted by: Shane Wiker (Nov 28, 2005 10:32PM)
I agree, it was a great lecture. Although I ended up with a horror story of my own that night, which I'll keep between me and the guys who went to the lecture. ;)

Shane Wiker