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Topic: Rabbit in a hat
Message: Posted by: Steve Brooks (Sep 18, 2001 11:47AM)
One of the magic items I collect are rabbits coming out of hats. I own several. Recently I started collecting magic wands as well.

Anyone else collect items like these? I would be interested, as it is sometimes very difficult to obtain some of these. :)


Life is not a problem to be solved...

but a mystery to be lived.
Message: Posted by: Tom Cutts (Sep 22, 2001 03:20PM)
Don't recall if I got it at a magic related event or not but I have a finger puppet rabbit that pops out of a hat.

Message: Posted by: Michael Peterson (Sep 22, 2001 09:08PM)
Well as you know Steve, I collect skulls for my magical purposes :mad:

I tried collecting assistants for a while, but my girlfriend made me give them back :confused:

Message: Posted by: Kenz Krazy (Dec 13, 2001 02:46PM)
Steve I have just had a rabbit comming out of a hat made in gold I could always send you details it would go on a chain around your neck.

:magicrabbit: :magicrabbit: :magicrabbit: :magicrabbit: :magicrabbit: :magicrabbit: :magicrabbit:
Message: Posted by: Steve Brooks (Dec 25, 2001 11:19AM)
Hi Kenz,

Thanks so much for the thought, but the rabbits in hats that I collect are all free standing. (ceramic, porcelain, etc)



Life is not a problem to be solved...

but a mystery to be lived.
Message: Posted by: WindsorWizard (Jan 24, 2002 09:05PM)
Steve... As a hoarder of everything magical, I guess one might say I am a collector.

Years ago, I came into a ceramic 23" high statue, full color, of an old time magician, pulling a rabbit, by the ears no less, out of a black top hat. He is somewhat on the stout side and stands on a 6.5" square base, has curly brown hair, small moustache and goatee and I have no idea of it's history.

Maybe you or one of the members have insight?
Message: Posted by: Mary B. (Jan 25, 2002 05:36AM)
Are there any markings on the bottom (unglazed area) of the statue? These markings are well known to antiques collectors, and some of the history of a piece can usually be found by deciphering these marks.

Nice hat, by the way!

:patty: Mary B.
Message: Posted by: WindsorWizard (Jan 25, 2002 09:53PM)
Thanks for the compliment Mary. The hat discreetly covers this old wizard's pointed head... although come to think of it, one may just call it my think box for my point of view. The hat matches the rest of me as one will see on visiting my website.

Anyway, I have looked and do not see any markings that you mention. What I should do sometime, is take a photo of it and post it for others to see and critique. That would be the easiest way wouldn't it?

By the way, I get the impression that you might beholding of a sort of magical leprechan (excuse my spelling) type 'O person. Care to elaborate?
Message: Posted by: Mary B. (Feb 4, 2002 10:21PM)
Yes, I'm Irish on my mother's side, and Dutch/English on my dad's. With a name like Mary Margaret, how could it be otherwise??? I think they wanted a nun. :)

:patty: Mary B.
Message: Posted by: hugmagic (Nov 1, 2002 07:24PM)
Also collect Magicians pulling rabbits from hats or rabbits in hats. I have couple of animated Christmas ornaments, plush items. pewter, porcelan, you name it. Seemed like a lot of magicians collected rabbits so I just kind of evolved in this direction. Need to get any china hutch though. Did you ever see the Amazing Mumford figure? Cute.
Message: Posted by: MikeM (Dec 4, 2002 03:35PM)
I bought one many years ago Steve which depicts a young boy waving a wand over a rabbit in a hat.

It was mounted on a wooden plinth and entitled "The Young Magician" by Leonardo.

Not sure of it's value though?

MikeM :bikes: :bikes:
Message: Posted by: aposjf12 (Dec 3, 2003 07:07AM)
I collect Magic Wands and posters of old masters. Thurston, Blackstone, Kellar etc...
Message: Posted by: john magic wright (Jan 2, 2019 03:25PM)
The very best rabbit out of the hat is definitely John Rogers traveling magician 1877 they go for around $6500 if we can find a nice one
Message: Posted by: Dick Oslund (Jan 4, 2019 05:04AM)
So...What started the "RABBIT IN THE HAT" AS "OUR SYMBOL"?

I have "the story", documented.
Message: Posted by: Dick Oslund (Feb 17, 2019 08:59AM)
One of these days, I'll dig into my files, and reprint the story of Mary Toft and how a magician used a rabbit produced from a hat to, unknowingly starting a tradition.