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Topic: The market in New York
Message: Posted by: symbolicthought (Nov 28, 2005 04:42PM)

I guess this is kind of a strange way of approaching a problem. But, here it is:

I wish to go to new york. I have done mentalism for some years now, I'm a semipro here in sweden. Im not the top pro, but I'm not an amateur either. I also combine the mentalism with lectures in communication skills such as rhetorics (im a ph master in communications, with some doctoral courses behind me as well).

The mentalism market are quite small in Sweden. I wonder where you guys would turn to if you wanted to do some work in New York, as an "exotic" swede. That said, I would like to hold lectures over there in rhetorics and communications, and do some mentalism at the same time. Are there a market? which people to get connected with? where are these events happening?

Best of wishes
Message: Posted by: Slim King (Nov 28, 2005 05:09PM)
I'll be performing (Blues Brothers)at the Waldorf Astoria on Saturday. Are there any mentalist performing in that area? I'd love to see anything cool in New York. I've only been there twice. The tree should be lit by then I hope. I'd love to meet up with some New York Mentalists too!
Message: Posted by: symbolicthought (Nov 28, 2005 05:16PM)
I forgot.. of course my services are worth a buck or two...
Message: Posted by: T-RAY (Nov 28, 2005 05:29PM)
Nothing happens in New York unless you make it happen. It's a tough city to make a living in, but if you're smarter and better than the rest, then you will rise to the top. If not, then you will suffocate at the bottom. Don't fool yourself........take a trip to the city and feel it out for a few weeks.......
Message: Posted by: Jon Stetson (Nov 28, 2005 06:39PM)
On 2005-11-28 18:29, T-RAY wrote:
Nothing happens in New York unless you make it happen. It's a tough city to make a living in, but if you're smarter and better than the rest, then you will rise to the top. If not, then you will suffocate at the bottom. Don't fool yourself........take a trip to the city and feel it out for a few weeks.......

Good advice.
Message: Posted by: jondark445 (Nov 28, 2005 07:56PM)
Check out....


It's a good show, and you can send them a tape and POSSIBLY get booked if you're in town. They usually have some great magicians passing through...

Message: Posted by: Slim King (Nov 28, 2005 08:20PM)
That link doesn't work for me?
Message: Posted by: jondark445 (Nov 29, 2005 07:19AM)
Strange....I just clicked on it and it worked...anyone else....?

Message: Posted by: Slim King (Nov 29, 2005 10:40AM)
Works now! I found the info with a google. How's the Simon Lovel act?
It's on Saturday. Better for my schedule.
Message: Posted by: jondark445 (Nov 29, 2005 12:26PM)
Simon is one of the few people I've not seen...but I've heard extremely good things about him...

While in NY you might also want to try and catch Jamy Ian Swiss. I'm not sure if he's got a performance scheduled while you're here or not. I know he's been doing what...I believe...is a mentalism type act. Check his website at:


What are you doing at the Waldorf? Is it a performance???

Message: Posted by: Slim King (Nov 29, 2005 12:43PM)
I'll be doing The Blues Brothers Show there somewhere. Probably a private function. The sax player with me wants to go have Pizza somewhere....It'd all about the food! I think that our hotel is across the street, not that I plan on sleeping. I've only bee in NY twice before.
Message: Posted by: Scott Xavier (Nov 29, 2005 04:46PM)
Swiss is awesome!

Tannens is worth a subway ride.

Coney Island can be fun.

If you really wanted to, I am sure busking would be easy. Theres Millions walking the streets and lots of those are tourists.

On a recent trip to NYC James Cheung and I found ourselves signing autographs taking pictures and performing everywhere! It was a blast! The city is receptive to good entertainment!
Message: Posted by: Slim King (Nov 29, 2005 06:04PM)
Does anyone have an IN with any of the Radio Stations up there? If so I could do some Remote Mind Reading from Florida before I go.
Weee Haaaa!!!!!
Message: Posted by: Carlos the Great (Nov 29, 2005 06:26PM)
Hey symbolicthought,

Have you tried performing for corporations in Sweden and the immediate area? I would assume that you have otherwise why go straight from New York, but correct me if I am wrong.

Assuming you have performed for corporations in and around Sweden, how many have corporate offices in New York. I would assume at least a few. If you have made your performances memorable, you should get in contact, mention that you were thinking of heading to New York and see whether they might recommend you for 1) corporate events at their NY offices, 2) Pass your name to friends (business or otherwise) in the NY area to see if there are any biters, or 3) find you more billings in your immediate area.

On a personal note, here are a couple recommendations (just my opinion). Make sure you are ready to do what you are talking about. You'd better make sure that you have tapped out all the possibilities you have now before you move to NY. There are hundreds of people who go to NY or LA every day who want to make it in the entertainment field and only a miniscule fraction do. You will need tenacity, a sound business sense, and recommendations. I would recommend getting into contact with somebody from NY who is experienced in busking. While it is true that there are millions of tourists, high tourist density places may have "regulars" who could engage in physical violence if they think you are threatening their bottom line. Heck, it used to happen all the time in San Fran, but usually in the Wharf area (same reason, lots of tourists and a few regulars).

I'm not saying any of this to scare you or to imply you aren't ready. I just want to make sure this is what you want and, if it is, that you have done what you can before you head on over. I really recommend getting corporate recommendations as that will allow you to establish yourself without *HAVING* to busk (you still should if you want, but have lots of back-up plans).

Regardless, good luck!

Message: Posted by: Slim King (Nov 29, 2005 07:10PM)
Can someone still sleep their way to the top? I'd like to try that method!
Message: Posted by: Carlos the Great (Dec 1, 2005 02:46PM)
I don't know, Slim. Seems like the people you would have to sleep with are never the ones that you want to. Where are Angelina Jolie, Charlize Theron, Jessica Alba, Morgan Webb, Kiera Knightly, Mila Kunis, Nicole Kidman, Rebecca Romijn, Beyonce Knowles, or Jessica Simpson when you need them?

Message: Posted by: GusVanNostrum (Dec 1, 2005 03:21PM)
I wish to go to new york. I have done mentalism for some years now, I'm a semipro here in sweden. Im not the top pro, but I'm not an amateur either.[/quote]

The question you should ask is: If you feel you have to leave Sweden for a new market - why choose NY? Use your rights as an EU citizen to move around and try out the hard "foreigner"-life in e.g. Amsterdam or London first.

I would imagine there is very tought to go from zero to just one in a new country without having any major reputation to back it with.

Have you done any television or hit big media in Sweden? Done with all the big corporations in Copenhagen? I would imagine it hard to sell a show with just the words "he's good, trust me". And for the "exotic" part, I think maybe people couldn't care less. Unless you are the 21th century Geller.

I guess a lot of US not-top-notch-mentalists also would have loved to perform in NY, and their even native. Just think about that.
Message: Posted by: Sven Rygh (Dec 1, 2005 03:46PM)
If the reason for going to NY is to try to find clients that apparently to you are absent where you are, I'd say: Stay Home!
The chances for making success in a city where, by all means there are much more people than where you are, is a huge challenge, even if you are a one-of-a-kind and have great marketing recources.
You will have to fight hundreds, if not thousands of competitors on the entertainment area, and will have to use more time than you probably like to think of to get "inside"

I live in a country near you, and where the conditions are pretty much the same.
I am certain about that there are enough potential clients where you are.
You just have to work hard to find and keep them.
That is possible, but you have to be good. Really good!
- and you have to get the right contacts.

When you have made your breakthrough in your country, then the time [i]may be[/i] is right to concider to move on for bigger challenges.

Just my two cents.

Message: Posted by: Alex Linian (Dec 1, 2005 06:03PM)
Steve Cohen has one of the best magic shows I've ever seen in NYC.
Message: Posted by: cardone (Dec 2, 2005 09:45PM)
Its not easy living in NYC... Most people leave after 2 years ...I have been in NYC for 10 years .... If you can hustle ....unlimited private and corporate functions. ... but you better be really good and read to suffer... the cost of living is high . Most pro performers and artists I know come from some money.... I know very few who worked from the ground up... If you have to have a day job to get the ball rolling it can wear you down in this city. I say go where you want to live ...If NYC is the place ...... come ......this is an amazing city .... I think the magic scene is boring ...but the art ,music and theatre scene is very inspiring for magicians looking for fuel for the fire. Good Luck
Message: Posted by: kcalB (Dec 3, 2005 07:20AM)
When you get here give us a call and we'll give you the grande tour.

There are many very small theaters for rent in new york where you can produce your own show for about the cost of a decent hotel for one night and there are many venues to promote the show which range from handing out flyers outside the venue to passersbye to press agents and theater lists & everything in between.

Just bring lot's of cash and if all else fails you can always make a living in beautiful Times Square by simply donning a cowboy hat and a pair of cowboy boots and stand on the corner of Broadway & 44th street playing the guitar in your underwear.

Yes, it is true and I didn't make it up.
The guy has been on television plenty of times.All sorts of good looking ladies from out of town line up to get a polaroid with him for a few bucks cash and he has created truly his own celebrity and is known as The Naked Cowboy.
Perhaps he's read Doc Sheils Book ?

Only in New York!
Sebastian Black
Message: Posted by: Slim King (Dec 4, 2005 12:16AM)
I'm here in New York right now somewhere on 51st street. Didn't get to see anything much more than the village and times square...oh and the christmas tree. The Waldorf was a great gig. We ate about six times so far. Didn't hook up with any mentalists....Maybe next time.
Message: Posted by: Todd Robbins (Dec 4, 2005 10:05AM)
New York is easy.
Message: Posted by: Jon Stetson (Dec 4, 2005 11:16PM)
On 2005-12-04 11:05, Todd Robbins wrote:
New York is easy.

Yes it is.
Message: Posted by: Ben Proudfoot (Dec 20, 2005 08:10AM)
On 2005-12-01 19:03, Alex Linian wrote:
Steve Cohen has one of the best magic shows I've ever seen in NYC.

Agreed. I just returned from NY where I saw his show, and I have to say it is the best display of showmanship and magic I've ever seen. DEFINATELY worth every last penny -I wonderful show. He also has an incredible book called "Win the Crowd". Don't buy this book unless you want to excel further in your field.