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Topic: Asrah form
Message: Posted by: maverick23 (Nov 30, 2005 02:22AM)
Does anyone know of a good place to get an Asrah form from? I don't mind where I have to get it from but if there is anywhere in the UK that would be great.
Message: Posted by: mvmagic (Nov 30, 2005 03:55AM)
I think most builders can make you one. In UK there is Dream Concepts


Whether they make forms, I don't know but as they're in the same country its definitely worth checking.
Message: Posted by: jamieallan (Nov 30, 2005 04:23PM)
You can pm me I know a very good Asrah builder but he is not cheap, but miles above the rest, some nice touches.

Message: Posted by: Kline (Nov 30, 2005 10:16PM)
Interested to buy one? PM me.
Message: Posted by: magicguy67 (Dec 1, 2005 07:25AM)
Why does everyone ask whre to get things.I get everything I need from my local magic shop.Well almost anything.Just ask them to order one for you.
Message: Posted by: Kline (Dec 1, 2005 08:44AM)
Believe it or not, most things for a show are not available through a magic dealer !
Message: Posted by: Bob Sanders (Dec 4, 2005 05:56PM)
On 2005-12-01 09:44, Kline wrote:
Believe it or not, most things for a show are not available through a magic dealer !



This is even true of silk props. People are shocked to see the differences available. But you are correct. Magic shops have to deal with a broader market. My hat's off to them. They have to have ESP to survive. They take risks professional prop builders never have to deal with.

However, the customers are different too.

My old habit is to call Chalet first. If I wanted a fine furniture finish, I would call Tabman or Michael Baker. They are closer to me. Chance Wofe is another.

VISA is probably inadequate. You'll need current assets. But it's worth it.

Bob Sanders
Magic By Sander
Message: Posted by: hugmagic (Dec 5, 2005 08:28AM)
I will also add in that most magic shops cannot afford to carry professional grade items. Yes, there are exception to this but most of them are selling to guys who do not work a lot. A pro demands a products that will work 365 years for 10 years or more. That is why you pay more for the same effect from different manufacturers. You really get what you pay for.

Most manufacturers, because of the cost and time involved, would rather sell directly to their customers in order to keep the cost low. Why should they do all the work and then give 40% or more of the profits to a dealer?

If you ask around with pros, you can always find what you need.