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Topic: Dean Dill injured in car-accident
Message: Posted by: Dan LeFay (Dec 1, 2005 04:47AM)
I just read on the Genii-forum that Dean Dill, his wife and son were injured in a car-accident. There is not much news other than that it happened in Vegas and he will be transported to LA soon.
As the wonderful magician and warm human being that he is it is only natural I think and worry about him and his family.
Get well soon Dean, Denise and James!

Message: Posted by: Steven Steele (Dec 1, 2005 05:39PM)
All three were hurt very badly. They are lucky to be alive. Dean was hurt the worst and is still in the hospital in Las Vegas. He has several broken ribs as well as a cracked pelvis and other minor injuries.

I pray for his and his family's speedy recovery.

For updated information please click here.

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