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Topic: Osterlind's "Final Answer" -- A Brief Review
Message: Posted by: Scott Kahn (Dec 4, 2005 02:08PM)

Fellow Mentalists:
Here we go. Another unsolicited endorsement from me. I just finished putting together Richard Osterlind's latest Q & A routine from his Mind Mysteries Too Volume 7 DVD. It is called "The Final Answer." This is AWESOME! Yes, you can buy this from Richard all ready to go (the link is above), but I decided to do-it-myself. I get a certain satisfaction from putting things like this together. To put it all together cost me very little. I bought and gimmicked the binder pouch myself, made up the slip on my computer and then had the slips printed out and cut at my local Office Max, perforated the slips myself, and stamped the identification numbers on them myself. Also, got me a supply of golf pencils while I was at the office store. This routine is just pour genious. And while the idea is really nothing new (a Hidden Tarbell gem, I believe) this Q & A simply looks impossible. I was originally looking to learn a blindfolded Q & A. However, after seeing this done, there was no need. It looks like there is NO WAY for the mentalist to know what questions were written down by the audience. I will probably be a bit nervous when I try this out the first time, but not because I'll be worried about method. It is SIMPLE! I can focus solely on presentation. But this will be my first go at Q & A and will have to learn how to sell this (cold reading etc.) This is something that Richard should be charging 5 times what he is. Get it! Love it! Use it! Or don't and I just might fool you with it someday. THis is the FINAL ANSWER in Q & A routines. KUDODS RICHARD!

Scott Kahn, MD
Message: Posted by: Dario (Dec 4, 2005 05:39PM)
The routine is great, the only bad point is to go 3 times to the audience.
1)Giving the papers
2)Collecting the questions
3)Collecting the numbers

If you work in clubs is not a big problem but if you work on stage it can affect the rhythm of the show.

When I perform it, I prefer to give the papers at the begging when I'm going to the stage making my entrance walking from the audience to the stage when a voice in off is saying my introduction or at the first moments of my show after the first effect.
Message: Posted by: Decomposed (Dec 5, 2005 04:02AM)
When I perform it, I prefer to give the papers at the begging when I'm going to the stage making my entrance walking from the audience to the stage when a voice in off is saying my introduction or at the first moments of my show after the first effect.

that's a great idea Dario. Not just for this effect but others requiring envelopes, papers etc. You can pass out way more then enough along with the pencils and then collect as many as you want.
Message: Posted by: Drs_Res (Dec 5, 2005 06:20AM)
I noticed that you like to use a lot of = signs in a row to seperate your paragraphs.
Unfortunatly, it breaks the boards and causes people to have to scroll left and right to read the forums. It may not do that for you, but other people may not have a monitor with the same resolution as you. I'd hate to see what it looks like to someone with a 640 x 480 resolution.

If you feel you must use these, could you cut down the amount to something like 40 or less, instead of the 72 (or more in some other threads) that you are using?

Thanks for your consideration.
Message: Posted by: RicHeka (Dec 5, 2005 06:28AM)
I was wondering why certain threads would not fit on my screen!
Candini,I am sure you didn't purposely do this,but it is a real hassel.Thanks in advance for understanding.

Message: Posted by: mormonyoyoman (Dec 5, 2005 10:47AM)
Candininininini (I know how to spell it; I just don't know when to stop!) isn't to blame for this particular thread going off the right side of the screen. Scott's initial post placed an awfully long URL link which pushes out to the right. Long URLs are the bane of the Café.

Scott, you might have done a Search before posting; then you could have added your review to the pre-existing thread

As it is, we now have one thread where the words run off the screen, and one thread where the words fit on the screen. Now everyone has a choice.

Message: Posted by: RicHeka (Dec 5, 2005 01:56PM)
I apologize Candini if it wasn't your post.I just wish Whoever is inadvertantly doing this would correct what is causing it.It feels like I am watching a VERY slow tennis match. :) Thanks.

Message: Posted by: Drs_Res (Dec 5, 2005 04:10PM)
Actually, it still goes off to the right, and the url in Scott's first post is on two lines broken at the question mark.

The only thing left that can be pushing it off is Candini's post with the =. Any string of characaters without a space will cause this to happen.

This is not the first time that a post by Candini has "broken" the board. He may not notice what he is doing if he has a large screen resolution, and I just wanted to make him aware.

Sorry to stray from the topic.
Message: Posted by: Renaldi (Dec 5, 2005 07:34PM)
Getting back on topic, going to the spectators on 3 separate occasions is certain boredom for any audience. That is the problem with this effect as well stated by Dario. His re-working makes good sense. Thanks.

Message: Posted by: puppetboy (Dec 5, 2005 09:05PM)
How different is Final Answer from the Sterling-Tarbell Astrological Mindreading Act in Tarbell?