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Topic: The talking board and Loughran's Entity
Message: Posted by: scolman (Dec 6, 2005 12:15PM)
My apologies if someone has already posted something on this, I know the original Entity threads were tomes in themselves.

Anyway, I just purchased Peter Loughran's Entity at an auction and have been fiddling about with it for the past week or so. Last night I rigged it up to move a planchette around an ouija board. We had some friends over for dinner, afterwards I suggested we have some fun with my old witchboard. I held the planchette for a while and spelled out some words, then I let it go and used the Entity - set up to say hello and move to the yes and no markers on the board with some lengthy pauses in between. Its very effective with some candles and the right music. Unfortunately I knew everyone around the table really well so they figured I had manipulated it somehow. I.T was the prime suspect because the wooden planchette threw them off the usual kinds of PK gimmicks.
I conceded that I had used thread and everyone laughed (somewhat relieved I think). Then I excused myself and went to the bathroom, I activated the Entity as I left the room and only returned when the screaming started.
They are still asking me whether it was real!
I love this effect.
Message: Posted by: Gede Nibo (Dec 6, 2005 01:29PM)
WOW!!!!!! now this is POWERS!!!!! I give you respect!!!! thanx for sharing!!!

This is how we make our art come to life!!! now this will live in their minds forevermore....


Message: Posted by: T-RAY (Dec 6, 2005 06:36PM)
It seems from the other posts, that this device is better suited to a seance situation. it sounds cool as $#@!
Message: Posted by: Dr Spektor (Dec 7, 2005 04:01PM)
So, can one gimmick multiple items or just one at a time...?

Is it worth $400 (I suppose it is a bad question as someone will say "depends how you use it... to the right performer it will be worth thousands etc"....)... I mean, for what you get it isn't gimmick $5 and secret $395?.....

The video looks cool... great for PK as well as seance.... but it looks to good to be true...
Message: Posted by: scolman (Dec 7, 2005 09:59PM)
I got mine for $300 and its worth every cent. I would've paid full price anyway. I tried to build my own last year but the size of the gimmick I made was very limiting - the ability to perform at any location was also a problem
Its not mentioned that multiple objects could be moved (one at a time) but it can be rigged so that more than one object is moved simultaneously (within relatively close proximity)
The gimmick is definitely a substantial component of the price.

Read all of the previous posts in the tricks review section - some folk liked it and some didn't. There's nothing else like it as far as I'm concerned. For anyone whose ever been concerned about the constraints put on oneself when performing the usual PK effects, this is the answer. You have the ability to move away from the performing surface, dispelling most suspicions about how its done. A slightly darkened room, like in a seance environment also affords some added protection but is not absolutely necessary.