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Topic: Psychomatic Deck / Telomatic Deck
Message: Posted by: Daniel Lander (Dec 8, 2005 07:03AM)
What is the difference, if any, between these two forcing-decks?

I have Bob Cassidy's Mental Miracles DVD and got a little confused, as in the explanations he first says he used a Telomatic Deck and then says he prefers to use the Psychomatic Deck as he explains a little of the handling of the deck without going into method.

I know the principle of the Psychomatic Deck, (or is it the Telomatic ? :) ), as I own Vernet's Psi-Mind Deck, but feel sure I've seen the Telomatic listed separately from the Psychomatic - (plus, of course, Cassidy's comments), and I've also seen the Telomatic listed as the same as the Psychomatic.

Thank you.
Message: Posted by: Mark Ross (Dec 8, 2005 08:19PM)
I share Daniel's question about the differences, if any, in these two decks. And to further muddy the waters, is the Monte Cristo Deck similar?

Mark Ross
Message: Posted by: Thoughtreader (Dec 9, 2005 02:12PM)
Both the aforementioned decks are the same. They can be fanned and shown different and even overhand shuffled. They are a forcing deck that when you band it and toss it to an audience member with the request that he pull it opne and glimpse one card, they will see the force card. Think Svengali that is stuck together at one end.

PSIncerely Yours,
Paul Alberstat
Message: Posted by: Gaffus Maximus (May 12, 2008 07:01AM)
I know it has been 3 years since the original question of this topic was posted, but since I am currently doing some research on gaffed decks and came across this post, I'd like to set the record straight regarding the difference between the Tel-o-matic and Psychomatic decks.

Although you can perform the same effects with both decks, there is a slight difference. Depending upon your handling, the difference can be a weakness or a strength. But if you have both decks, you can choose the deck that fits your handling the best.

You can toss the Tel-o-matic deck out to an audience member & you can be sure that he/she will select (glimpse) the required force card. Think Svengali stuck only in the middle.

But if you toss the Psychomatic deck out to an audience member, you will only have a 50% chance that they will select the force card. As per Thoughtreader's comment above, "Think Svengali that is stuck together at one end". So in this particular case, it is best to hand the deck to the spectator (and they will naturally glimpse the force card).

I personally use a different deck for the "tossed out method". As mentioned before, both decks can be fanned or ribbon spread across a table to show a random shuffled appearance, but when it comes to having one card freely glimpsed, I prefer to use the Psychomatic deck because just before you hand the deck to the spectator, you can demonstrate what you want them to do, and in this action of saying "you can peek at a card at the top, in the middle, or close to the bottom... anywhere you like", the audience sees 3 different cards (reinforcing the complete randomness of the selection).

I've said a lot here, but it really comes across to the lay audience as a simple, fair, & direct selection of a card.

Although one should feel comfortable fanning or ribbon spreading either deck without fear of anyone noticing something odd, the Psychomatic deck gives you a bit more comfort regarding this tiny (and I mean tiny) issue.

One of my favorite effects, that I have been using for years, uses the Psychomatic deck and it has never failed to draw gasps from my audiences, and the routining and handling has never caused any audience to ask that question that all magician's (who occasionally use gaffed decks) hate to hear: "can I see that deck?" The handling is so direct & fair that there is absolutely no heat on the deck. But I suppose this, like any other gaffed deck, will depend upon the performer and his/her handling.

So, my point here was to set the record straight regarding the difference between these 2 decks... just in case someone else performs a search (like I did) and comes across this topic.


Message: Posted by: IAIN (May 12, 2008 02:17PM)
Never had a tel-o-matic, can't even find one via google!

but I'm very fond of the psychomatic, cos you can demo to someone what to do with the deck, let them see a card - make sure they're clear, then pass it to them...

one of my favourite little gimmicked deck effects uses one and a mirage with two envelopes, and two participants...plus it rings in the mirage for something else happening later...
Message: Posted by: Jerskin (May 12, 2008 02:26PM)
I have an Aviator telomatic deck I got on eBay. Never use it-anyone want to PM me & work out a deal?
Message: Posted by: Moxahalla (May 12, 2008 05:03PM)
I have 6 different telomatic decks made by neil lester (you won't find them at a retail store).

Can be RIFFLED shuffled FACE-UP in full view (very strong point)---each different face being seen while doing so.

Have the back of any card touched from a fan, or have deck cut in half anywhere, and show the top cut-to-card.

The Cleanest force deck I've ever used in my 40 years in Magic.

Spread the deck FACE-UP at any time.

No rough-smooth, or anything to go wrong.

I've never used it for a "Tossed-Out" routine, but only for when needing a clean sure-fire force.

Psychomatics are glued at one end ( I believe). Telos are glued in the CENTER--so, EITHER end can be peeked at.

The Bicycle "Monte-Cristo Decks" are a super-clean force deck too. (and again-will NOT be found at the local magic shop, thankfully)
Message: Posted by: Pit Boss (May 12, 2008 07:17PM)
On 2008-05-12 18:03, Moxahalla wrote:
The Bicycle "Monte-Cristo Decks" are a super-clean force deck too. (and again-will NOT be found at the local magic shop, thankfully)

Actually, I think I read (or heard) that factory printed Bicycle Monte Cristo's were going to become available shortly... can anyone verify?

Message: Posted by: Moxahalla (May 12, 2008 07:37PM)
Neil did mention to me that a "well-known magician" was going to either market them and/or sell them on TV (Monte Cristo decks).????

I gladly paid Neil $50 for each different MC deck I own, knowing that they would be kept fairly exclusive.

To think that they might now be sold like Svengali decks - makes my shudder.
Message: Posted by: Acecardician (Oct 15, 2011 12:41PM)
On 2008-05-12 20:37, Moxahalla wrote:
Neil did mention to me that a "well-known magician" was going to either market them and/or sell them on TV (Monte Cristo decks).????

I gladly paid Neil $50 for each different MC deck I own, knowing that they would be kept fairly exclusive.

To think that they might now be sold like Svengali decks - makes my shudder.

I was a child in 6th grade performing Svengali Deck all the time. I was known as the magic kid. Then they came out on TV that summer. Imagine how I felt. I just knew the kids would rag me. When I first saw the commercial my stomach felt empty and hollow. I was very sad. I consider that guy worse than the masked magician. Luckily I had a good book and learned sleight of hand. Luckily we had to change schools the next year, so no one knew me, and I started over.
When that famous magician appeared at the last national magic convention I went to, I left the room. I tried to find him later to tell him how I felt, but he was no where to be found.

There are magicians that think exposing the jumping rubber band trick is okay. No, because I use it in sometimes in my performances. It gets gasps of amazement all the time. IT IS THE SAME as someone else exposing something from a pro magicians act, maybe a swami gimmick or their best mental effect or illusion. Where do we stop? I think there are no "throw away tricks". Just letting someone not interested in magic know there is a trick behind something can ruin their illusion.

I was doing some sleight of hand magic with cards a while back. One guy said "I have that deck, but I cannot do it like you, I have not practiced, and you are good"
I went to hand him the deck so he could see it was a real deck, but he kept saying no, he did not practice and could not do it, and he left the crowd, so I had to leave it at that. I started carrying extra decks, so if someone asks if I use a "trick" deck, I just hand them the deck to keep and pull out another deck at my next group.
Message: Posted by: Smoking Camel (Oct 15, 2011 01:23PM)
Surley this is an inner thoughts discussion.
Message: Posted by: mastermindreader (Oct 15, 2011 01:30PM)
Absolutely agree Camel. I'd happily explain the difference between the two packs, but certainly not in a public forum. That's why I never responded to this years old thread in the first place.

Good thoughts,

Message: Posted by: Acecardician (Oct 16, 2011 01:02AM)
Sorry, I was just ranting in my last post. I just saw the psyco deck ad, Kranzo just re-released it, and I googled it, and found this topic(I'm here every day anyhow), and the last post here was about TV magicians, and then it brought up old memories...
I will try to refrain myself in the future :bg:

I've been in magic long enough to know about all the different trick decks, but this topic helped confirm what I thought, and it will not work with my style, so I saved the $$$

Now other things I search for in the forum, and find out how they work, and if I like that particular item, and it works for my style, it makes me more likely to buy it on the spot.

So it is all good.

I love Mark Mason at a convention, he shows you how everything he does works, so you can make an intellegent decision on whether to buy it or not. And I always spend the most money at his booth, as he is so upfront.

Although I do not use them in my pro work, I do have a GIANT trick deck collection. And almost every card gimmick. And most can be found out about in the Encyclopedia of Card tricks.

If Kranzo came to my town to lecture or I saw him at a convention, I might buy the psyco deck anyway just to support him. I could always find some way to use it.

I might also be interested in the MC decks if I knew more about them. Where can I find one for sale?
Message: Posted by: pegasus (Oct 17, 2011 09:26AM)
Type Mastermind deck by Chris Kenworthy into google.

Or Cardmaker does a very nice deck here.