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Topic: Jumbo marked deck
Message: Posted by: lubdub (Dec 11, 2005 05:21PM)
Hi, I just made a jumbo marked deck using the irv system. I was wondering if anyone has a good tips/ routine for it
pm if needed.
thanks jordan
Message: Posted by: jkvand (Dec 12, 2005 12:14AM)
I do a comedy ESP routine with a jumbo marked deck. I have 6 people come on stage, and each of them choose a card. It is important that you know only one of the cards, either by forcing it or noting the marks when they choose it. I tell everyone I will do a demonstration on the 6th sense by using the other 5 senses first. I then proceed to comedically divine the first 5 choices by using each of the 5 senses (sense of hearing - "In a loud voice, tell everyone what card you chose!" sense of sight - "Show me your card" Touch - I touch the card and note the markings to name the card, supposedly just by touching the back of it. Same with smell and taste (for smell I note the marks as I bring the card up to smell it, and for taste I don't actually taste the card, I just pretend to lick my finger and then touch the card briefly with my finger). You can do some play this up as much as possible for laughs as you go through each of the five regular senses, then change demeanor as you talk of a 6th sense, and how to use it to divine the identity of the last card. I have this person standing as far from myself as possible, and they are to carefully hide their card (You have already noted the value of this card, so it doesn't matter that they're hiding it at this point). Dramatically name the card in whatever fashion you choose as you use your '6th sense' to complete the demonstration. This is just the bare bones of the routine, but it has played well for me using the jumbo marked deck.
Message: Posted by: lubdub (Dec 12, 2005 12:13PM)
Thanx for the help/tip