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Topic: Need help on torn and restored bill
Message: Posted by: braveneil (Nov 13, 2002 03:43PM)
Hi all,
May I know which video has the better way of 'torn and restored bill routine' teach-in and performance. And do I really have to sacrifice a bill?
My regards,
Message: Posted by: BroDavid (Nov 13, 2002 06:37PM)
McBride has a nice torn and restored bill routine, but the whole routine plays best in closeup seated.

It consists of tearing the bill, having the spectator do some tearing, McBride tearing some more, and then a complete fully examinable restoration.

Part of the tear and restore though, I use regularly, and the spctator actually helps you tear part of the Bill. and you then show the bill clearly "torn in multiple peices" (not really all that torn, but it sure looks like it to the specs. And at this point the bill is not "examinable" although you appear to fairly show it.

I use my torn bills to pay the toll on the tollway/turnpike and they look "almost" as good as new.

Message: Posted by: Harry Murphy (Nov 13, 2002 09:28PM)
There are perhaps a good dozen or so different torn and restored bills around. Everything from a Monk Watson (1920-ish) to Al Baker (20ís also), Sam Berlandís (30ís) through Jim Ryan and Johnny Paulís in the40ís/50ís/ 60ís, Paul Diamond (60's - 80's)and on and on right up to McBrideís (current) version. Heck, I think that almost everyone put out a version at one time or another!

They all pretty much do the same thing. Some are very complicated most are not. Some make use of spectators if for nothing else to sign the bill, others donít. Most, but not all, require that you actually tear up a bill (or a piece of a bill).

There are two that I like very much. The first is Sam Berlands Signed Torn and Restored Bill. It is very much a set piece and can actually close a show. It was developed in the late 1930ís and has not been improved upon. In fact Harry Andersonís famous Torn and Restored Signed Jumbo Card is based on this old trick. It is just good theater! Look for it in the Magic of Sam Berland.

The other is arguably one of the quickest, cleanest, funniest, and easiest torn and restored bills I have ever seen. It is the Jim Rryan/Johnny Paul version. It almost appears impromptu. It plays as if you are playing a joke on someone only to have the bill found restored later. In effect, a bill is borrowed, folded into quarters and immediately and cleanly torn to shreds and tossed over the shoulder! This gem is found on Randy Wakemanís ďChicago Bar MagicĒ video. Which by the way is a video worth having. Furthermore, the Ryan/Paul/Wakeman version does not require you to actually tear up a bill!

Pick a version that you like and seems to fit your performing style and venue (as I have with the two I use) and use it!

Even if you had to tear up a bill just keep the pieces, tape them together, and spend them. It is still legal tender!
Message: Posted by: braveneil (Nov 14, 2002 12:18AM)
Thank you so very much BroDavid and Harry for the deliberate effort in writing so detailed and informative advices that sends me to the right direction of search. I am deeply grateful to you all.

How I wished that I can be at you guys calibre and offer the kind of advices that you all did. You all are well treasured in my heart.

My regards and thanks again,