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Topic: Attachments
Message: Posted by: Alex W. (Nov 14, 2002 12:25AM)
I wrote up a pretty long post, then I added an attachment (to better show what I was talking about) and sent it. I got a page saying it was above the maximum limit. Oh well, I thought, I don't really need the attachment anyhow. So I hit the back button, but I found my message was gone! Is there anyway to make it stay when you go to a new page then back? Thank you
Message: Posted by: Gene (Nov 14, 2002 03:06AM)
I just tried it - attached a file I knew was too large - and after getting the error message I hit my back button, the same as you did. In my case, the message I typed was still there. (I'm using IE5.5) If you're going to attach a file, next time highlight and copy your message before hitting the submit button. If you're using a browser that doesn't keep your message in its memory then it's a simple thing to paste it back in.