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Topic: More on Fakini
Message: Posted by: Lukas (Dec 25, 2005 03:29PM)
Are these original fakini balls. As I have seen people selling sets on the net and they cost around $80. So these seem a bit cheep to me.


Thanks, Lukas
Message: Posted by: Stanyon (Dec 25, 2005 10:45PM)
Denny would not call them "Fakini's" if they were not!

Cheers! ;)
Message: Posted by: cfrye (Dec 26, 2005 01:35AM)
If you're looking at the .5" and 1" manipulation ball sets, they take a lot less material to make than the 1.75" and 2" sets, so the price can be much lower ($7 for a set of seven .5" and $17 for a set of five 1"). I've purchased two sets of 1" balls (one yellow, one white) from Denny and they both came in pristine condition. He marks his used items accordingly and doesn't sell knock-offs.

I should also add that Denny's site is a catalog of what he carries, not a list of what he has in stock. He had several sets of these smaller manipulation balls in stock as of his last e-mail newsletter, but no 1.75" balls in several colors and limited supplies of 2" balls. The sets of three balls plus a gimmick usually go for $80 because folks buy them on eBay when all of the dealers are out of stock. Fakinis are one of those items where you probably won't get a discount at auction.
Message: Posted by: Lukas (Dec 27, 2005 11:24AM)
Thanks wasn't to sure this is my first time searching for Fakini balls on the internet.

Thanks, Lukas
Message: Posted by: sethman (Dec 28, 2005 01:58PM)
Yep that's them.
Message: Posted by: danryb (Dec 30, 2005 03:50PM)
Does any one know if Fakini makes a hank ball of the same sizequality and colors as his multiplying balls?

Today I use the vernet balls and I open the routine by visualy transforming a silk into the first ball.
I hope this could be done with Fakini balls.

Message: Posted by: BaseballMagic (Dec 30, 2005 04:59PM)
To what cfrye said-
I originally tried to buy my set of 1.75" white Fakinis from Denny but was referred to an extremely long waiting list. They said it would be a while before they had enough in stock. That was about a year ago. I ended up buying my set from Stephens.
Message: Posted by: ufo (Dec 31, 2005 09:28AM)
I cant be 100% certain but I don't think Fakini makes a hank ball to match. They make several matched gimmicks, sets, other props, etc but I cannot recall seeing a hank ball. You could manage the silk change with a different method and keep that routine intact or use a wooden or plastic hank ball that could pass for one of the fakinis and switch it out for the rest of the routine. Good luck.