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Topic: Routine: Walking Thru the Rope
Message: Posted by: Smoke & Mirrors (Dec 28, 2005 08:06AM)
I love cut & restored rope routines. I have seen & used different patter from Terry Herbert, Ginn, Wilson, etc. The following is my routine for a cut & restored rope IN THE HANDS of the volunteer which I think is what makes it strong. It uses kid voluinteers, tells a story and has very STRONG magic.

Although I thought of this routine, I am sure something similar has been thought of in some form before me as well.

I am sharing with you a routine that I came up with, because it worked so well my first try that I thought someone could use it (or at least base their own routine on it). This was first performed yesterday at a 7 year old's Bday party. I think seven is the youngest I would do this for & I think it is VERY suitable for adults as well.

I perform this one using a TT that includes an extra "length" inside. (I think that is coded enough, not to be considered blantent exposure?)

I invite up 2 victims to help me explain HOW Houdini did his amazing trick; Walking Thru a Rope!

(lots of bits & pieces with the 2 volunteers inserted here) :)

Now I have each of them examine & hold one end. I stand in the middle. I explain how impossible it would be to simply walk thru the rope! then I explain HOW Houdini did it...

"He secretly CUT the rope!" at this, I have each child take one step toward me to slack the rope. I pull the scissors (TT) from my pocket, gather some rope slack in my fist, pull the center of the rope upward and visibly slice it in 2.

I explain that at this point Houdini would simply walk thru the rope, "but I want you to SEE what he did to HIDE the secret. So I'll stay back here." I explain that he would hold the cut rope very tightly in his fist & that he would quickly tie an invisible knot with only one hand! (as you say this you stuff the cut ends in your fist & clean up)

Stress to the audience that your 2 helpers have been holding the rope the whole time. Build up the moment then with a blow on the rope triumphantly remove your hand from the rope. Clearly show your hands EMPTY. As I talk, I then palmed a small piece of rope that I had tied in a knot in my pocket. I explain that there is an invisible knot in the rope and to make it appear...I tell the volunteers to hold on tight...I pull the rope back a bit like a slingshot and let go...allowing the piece of knot to fly into the audience.

As I am still talking about the amazing Houdini I have taken the rope from the volunteers and openly placed it behind my back, I step back away from the 2 volunteers a bit and then I say, holding each end of the rope in my 2 hands, "but how he did it so fast, I'll never know!" and with that I yank the rope thru my body!

(seperate rope thru body routine)

I think the looks of astonishment thru the whole routine proved to me that this was a new "keeper" for me. The adults were EXTRA applauding and amazed.

QUESTION: Do you think it would be OK to do the cut & restore part twice in a row? SOMETIMES repeating the effect can be a real whammy...not sure if this is one of those times?