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Topic: Children In Need
Message: Posted by: magicalmeelie (Dec 29, 2005 03:42AM)
Hi all,

evry year for children in need ther is a big fund raising avent at my step-dads buisnes. He owns a childrens soft play center.
Basicly all the staff and soemtimes ther children will provide some sort of entertanment to help rais money.
This year I coldnt do it as I was booked to wach joe pasquale (and marc paul)!
this year I was thinking of workin on a small magic act to do-it doesn't have to be a very big one and the children are only going to be 8 years old and under

what wood be the best sort of tricks to learn . iv got until november so that leaves me plenty of time to get what I need and practise

Thanks, xxx