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Topic: Wayne Houchin's / Criss Angel's "Quarter Through Soda Can"
Message: Posted by: Scott Kahn (Dec 29, 2005 11:38PM)
I was thinking about trying Wayne Houchin's / Criss Angel's "Quarter Through Soda Can" effect in my next children's show. Any thoughts? The premise is simple enough, and every kid in the world is familiar with the props. It is so visual it might even make a good opener. What does everyone think?

Scott Kahn, MD
Message: Posted by: RicHeka (Dec 30, 2005 04:50AM)
Hi Scott:I was thinking the same thing.As far as presentation,I have a feeling that it may have a stronger effect by explaining what I will ATTEMPT to do.Just doing it for kids might not be a home run.Building up the impossibility,then actually doing it may be the way to go.I could be wrong.Best.

Message: Posted by: Smoke & Mirrors (Dec 30, 2005 07:12AM)
First let me comment...I don't know.
Sometimes things simply have to be tried out & tested to make sure.

But in my opinion...
Quarter Thru Bottle has been out there a long time and although I KNOW it would fool them, that doesn't mean that it's "right" for the venue and I don't think I would ever bring it to a "kid's show", I am assuming you mean a Bday party. If you mean a kid's stage show, I undeniably say DON'T do it.

I see it first of all as close-up magic, which doesn't work so well at a Birthday party.

Also it IS an everyday object, which is great for close-up & adult magic, but in my opinion, the kids (and their paying parents) actually prefer to see more un-common items at this type of show.

If I showed up and performed a show with a coke can, a coin, a rubber band, a pencil with a borrowed dollar, a deck of cards and a napkin, I would likely entertain them (which is important) but I would surely have removed my BIRTHDAY performance so far to the side of their expectations for a kid's show, that they may look at it in detest, no matter how great it was. I often hear comments BEFORE the show, from the kids, saying things like, "I hope he makes a flower appear" or "He's gonna pull a rabbit from his hat", I think I would then become disappointed in what I had actually decided to bring!

Many times parents act SURPRISED when I show up with only one or two medium sized boxes for my show. Although, I already know it will be plenty and that they will be entertained, I still think they are skeptical to begin with.


I do perform Airborn as a "funny moment" more than anything. Right after a HIGH ENERGY routine of noise and jumping around and volunteers and this & that, I'll take a moment to grab a drink (out of breath)and talk to the kids. Without realizing it, my glass is floating in air as I pour coke from the can. I don't make a BIG magic presentation out of it, in fact...I don't ever notice it.

So, maybe if you used it as a "moment" that occured on your way to a bigger moment. For instance, you borrow a quarter to perform "Coin to Jumbo Coin" or "miser's Dream" and along the way the dang quarter ends up in your refreshing drink! - now that's funny! But, it's just a "moment"

So, to help you with your question my answer is...
I don't know.