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Topic: Work with fairy tales
Message: Posted by: coupcoupdaddy (Jan 6, 2006 12:50PM)
This semester I'm completing research on fairytale interpretation toward my Masters degree in counseling. Can you share what fairytales you regularly use in your performances? Just the names of the stories will suffice, but I am also especially interested in how your telling of the story has changed over time and please why. What is your own favorite fairytale whether or not you perform with it? Thank you so much for helping me.

Posted: Feb 4, 2006 10:32pm
Feel free to pm me if you're reluctant to respond by post. No tricks, no routines...just the names of fairtales or stories of fairytale fashion will be of help. Is so?
Message: Posted by: Jaz (Feb 5, 2006 08:31AM)
I don't have any favorites nor do I perform them but I do like the challenge of incorporating magic into them.

Here's a topic.

Here are some Fairy Tales.
Message: Posted by: coupcoupdaddy (Feb 5, 2006 09:46AM)
Thank you, Jaz. You have consistently helped me since I joined the Café. Your references are appreciated. Yup, I'm going for the Fitzkee Principles and correlations thereafter in comparison to fairytale magical motif formulas. It's like in ethnomusicology when one discovers the sameness of Navajo Women Corn Planting songs with Scottish Women Loom Waulking songs.
Message: Posted by: Jaz (Feb 5, 2006 10:18AM)
You're welcome.
Message: Posted by: coupcoupdaddy (Mar 9, 2006 09:39PM)
First part of research project completed with special thanks to ants, reeds, and eagle on time. Thanks also Corona, Cinemagician, Slim, Gerard and Ha-Ha-Harbinger for your invaluable consultation. Entity, your advice on remote viewing security guards was especially invaluable when we encountered the dark ship with the seven of spades nailed to its mast somewhere around Stonehenge or the Easter Islands back in January although I know you must deny knowledge of such. TonyEye, Pizza Huts are more condusive to mediums than previously speculated. We are just back from Laconia.
Message: Posted by: Bill Palmer (Mar 10, 2006 05:54PM)
This is the first time I spotted this post.

There are some interesting stories about the Grimm brothers that don't seem to make it into the textbooks. They were supposedly collecting the "Hausmärchen" in order to trace the development of the German language. According to Punx, they collected more of these from diplomats than from the peasantry.

The Grimms were a very important link in the chain of events that led to the Holocaust.
Message: Posted by: coupcoupdaddy (Mar 10, 2006 07:11PM)
Will you share some more of your thoughts, Mr. Palmer? I treasure your translation of Once Upon a Time.
Message: Posted by: Bill Palmer (Mar 11, 2006 11:08AM)
I don't want to go into the Grimms' involuntary contribution to the development of nationalism in Germany, because that is an extremely sensitive issue, and parallels to it were also occurring in France, England, Spain and the rest of Europe, as well. We were experiencing something like it over here with our "Manifest Destiny."

Their work was in the field of philogy, and they were the ones who figured out much of the ways that language evolved over the centuries. In fact, one of their observations -- Grimms' Law of Linguistic Mutation -- is still used by linguists.

Regarding the "Hausmärchen," though. They collected a lot of these at parties, from people who would say -- "Well, my old nanny used to tell the story of ..." and they would go into the story. This is not really the way that it needs to be done. It needs to be done by going out into the wilds of Bavaria, Hesse, Pomerania, etc., and collecting them right from the source.

However, most of the stories were much shorter than we see them presented today. For example, "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs," in the original is very short, compared to the Disney epic. The dwarves are only briefly mentioned, and are not given the personalities of Sneezy, Grumpy, Happy, Dopey, Bashful, Sleepy and Doc. This is all elaboration by Walt Disney et. al.

And the web versions of these things are full of errors. Kay Vandergrift's web site has nothing but translations -- some of which are full of typos. And others grossly oversimplify the linguistic aspects of the stories -- which is why they were collected in the first place.

Little Red Ridng Hood is another example -- it's a very short piece. But it gets expanded into a 45 minute epic. Sometimes it becomes even longer than that.

So what's the lesson here?

What happens when you tell a long story to children? If you don't garnish it with the magic of the voice, they fall asleep.

Your audiences will do the same.

Posted: Mar 11, 2006 5:52pm
I have posted some thoughts about storytelling in my column. It discusses the use of the voice.
Message: Posted by: coupcoupdaddy (Mar 15, 2006 01:32AM)
The voice is the path for leading people into and from the perilous castle.
Message: Posted by: Bill Palmer (Mar 16, 2006 11:45AM)
It also allows you to lead them down the garden path and then turn on the sprinklers.
Message: Posted by: coupcoupdaddy (Mar 16, 2006 02:20PM)
Like Brother John. To paraphrase Jung, "We build a magnificent castle then live in a dirt hut outside of it, forever looking out, gazing at the castle and wondering who lives there."

Posted: Mar 27, 2006 11:59pm
I've been to the tower twice Jung built for himself. It's on the river. The people in the village knew him only as the old stone-cutter.
Message: Posted by: Williamanon (Mar 29, 2006 09:24PM)
You all might be interested in this

Russian Fairy Tales
The Pantheon Fairytale & Folklore Library
Message: Posted by: coupcoupdaddy (Jun 19, 2006 03:40AM)
"Metamorphoses began to take hold all around me. I was breathing life into the book through my hand, and the book was breathing back out through me into the world."

--Wesley Stace, "Misfortune" (2006, Vintage)

Posted: Jun 21, 2006 2:38am
A symbol of the Guild here in Zargon is the tail of a small fish hanging from the mouth of a large fish.

Laconia's Summer Solstice (Sun Standing Still) gives way to an honoring of Shadow and a celebration of the ephemeral.

Isso is not Dr. X but the latter might be Solara Velossa now....the Joyce philter courses through fiber optic arteries and a cultural feminist make-over tempers ego domination's over-compensating Y chromosome.

Inner beings can go anywhere at a moment's notice...in one eighth of a hand-clap, actually, as the old Zen master used to say. Hordes of them stream through our consciousness everyday but we censor their presence as undesirable. How can you fear the not-real?

Ah, now we're in fairy-tale territory. They don't all resolve or end happily, you know, and only half have to do with royalty of some sort, anyway. Some of us inner beings don't give a fig for hierarchy. Figs have too much seratonin content when consumed in vast quantities. We choose the magical flight motif instead and we've waited for the Solstice to engage our journey away from this garden.

We give our collective energy to Jack Galloway simply because he's the best performer here.

Dr.X, you are the funniest!!! Strange gestalts appear in your absence. You cut-up, you!!!

Instead of creating a fairytale, we have been astonishingly absorbed into those of others.

--Isso, Isnot, Ellen, Solara, Little Egypt, The Mechanic, Ansiru, Amanuensis, Mousewoman and Halcyon

Message: Posted by: Jim-Callahan (Jun 23, 2006 08:55PM)
I say travel safe Isso and good bye.

You were a fun fellow to know.


Message: Posted by: coupcoupdaddy (Jul 28, 2006 04:16AM)
Thanks, Jim. Isso made it beneath the alp to interview the dream generators but he had to take workshops on the archetypes of leadership and apocalypse and learn how to use the mandala patchkit. And assist his friend, the last of the Appalachian Beat poets, move to cool bay breeze. The fox carried off the seventh sword in Isso's garden as he watched through the bars of his ashram window. The Doktor sent the implant and Isso contraverted. There are others. To the east and west. Not so sure about north or south. Or the vertical ones. Yet.

H D X!

--Lydia 13

Posted: Sep 7, 2006 10:25pm
Isso found the others. He and Ellen both got an A in their fairytale class! Jack's WorldfirstClass Cyberseance beckons October 30 and Jim will post an intriguing video soon. Tony and Dr. Spektor have begun fascinating books. Slim and Bean amaze! And Doktor X's BULLDOG will be released on September 25th! Isso's friend and editor Corona has returned from Spain and begins a new chapter on his seethestrangething blogspot where Little Doug gained well-deserved notoriety and the Dr. X Interview literally shocked patrons of the Giger Bar. The Seven Lydias arrived from 1921 to help move Isso forward and, after having their own adventures, will re-unite this Sunday. Bill, Isso made it to Jung's Library this time.

H D X!

--Lydia 19 end of the line

Posted: Sep 13, 2006 7:31pm
Seven Lydias, Isso, Dr. X and Little Dougie gone, all gone. 7777777777777777777777777777777777777

Message: Posted by: Corona Smith (Sep 13, 2006 06:36PM)
It has been a good summer for fairy tales,

Farewell lydias, X's, isso's and doug's...

Message: Posted by: Eman (Sep 14, 2006 04:56PM)
On 2006-09-13 19:36, Corona Smith wrote:
It has been a good summer for fairy tales,

Farewell lydias, X's, isso's and doug's...


It was especially good for making our own, at least in my opinion.

Farewell Isso and Lydias! May your search for X prove successful!
And Corona, best of luck to you on your search for Doug! I live in the States, and if you ever need help searching the Midwest (especially Indiana) send me a message.

Message: Posted by: coupcoupdaddy (Sep 30, 2006 03:42PM)
Mom made one thing clear in her fairytale research....unless the protagonist follows the magical animal's instructions explicitly, all is finished.

Posted: Oct 21, 2006 9:15am
Crocodilla on the floor
Crawling, crawling toward the door
Crocodilla wants some more
Yeah he wants a cappuccino
Crocodilla in the villa
Wants a cappuccino pronto
Let him play the grotto lotto
Lucky number eight eight eight

All Hail Dr. X for Halloween!!

Lucia and Isso and Solara
Message: Posted by: The Curator (Oct 23, 2006 03:45AM)
I write my own fairy tales like "the X-Mas Gift", IRMA, "the Russian Princess", "Captain Vanderdeken's Tobacco Pouch" and many others. You can find some on my website and in my books.
Belgium has a tradition of magical realism.
Message: Posted by: coupcoupdaddy (Oct 24, 2006 07:09PM)
Yes, Curator. Once Isso and the Mechanic found a radioactive black diamond in a Belgian import's carburator.

Message: Posted by: Corona Smith (Oct 24, 2006 08:11PM)
Sounds like a case for Spike and Suzy!

Message: Posted by: coupcoupdaddy (Oct 24, 2006 09:08PM)

I was in a trance for 3 days!

H D X! For Halloween.

Message: Posted by: Bill Palmer (Oct 24, 2006 09:57PM)
The symbol of the big fish with the little fish hanging from its mouth is provocative. The question is this: "Is the big fish eating the little fish...or is the little fish leading the big fish somewhere?"
Message: Posted by: coupcoupdaddy (Oct 25, 2006 06:22PM)
When Isso tried to retrieve the True Boogg's head from the Guild to return it to the radicals, the Guild just laughed at Isso and told him he was just a "Lower Food Chain Yank," (translated from WW2 Swiss idiom). The Guilds are angry because McDonalds and Starbucks wrappers litter the once immaculate streets of Zargon. Japanese Kobe beef outweighs the Galbrunden BioBull market substantially. Cellphones have drastically eaten into Swatch profits. So, the question is can the little fish persuade the big fish to swim in its opposite direction, rather than the other way. Will the women be allowed to ride around the Boogg in next year's festival? And the farmers and the cowmen should be friends.

Swisskisses, wooden matches and doorlatches,

Message: Posted by: Bill Palmer (Oct 25, 2006 10:49PM)
That's true, but Marshall, I don't care what you say, them sheep men have got to go! (Gabby Hayes)
Message: Posted by: coupcoupdaddy (Oct 26, 2006 05:58AM)
Yes, Bill, we loved the cows and goats we cared for but our experience with tending sheep encouraged us to relish eating them as quickly as possible. When we were tiny, we only ate the green mint jelly with our roasts. In those days, raw information didn't double back and scare itself so often and the universal livestock's mad diseases had subtler names.

H D X! for Halloween!

Message: Posted by: Corona Smith (Oct 26, 2006 06:31PM)
The plot thickens.

Message: Posted by: coupcoupdaddy (Oct 27, 2006 03:11PM)
The Heart Quickens!

H D X F Halloween!

Message: Posted by: fib (Nov 1, 2006 10:45AM)
I've finally tracked you down, Lucia, you fairy-tale maven. You're hiding in another world, camouflaged in the innocence of make-believe. Reading some of these posts, I found myself puzzled as to what you're all talking about. But I think I'm one of you. Do you know about the people who live inside the walls?

Message: Posted by: coupcoupdaddy (Nov 1, 2006 06:04PM)
Ah, there you are Fib, welcome to once upon a time thread!

Isso wants to know if you have Baba's book yet?

Green mint jelly and lime green jello collide and collude.

'The curtain has lifted
on the dancers design
a whisper has drifted
up and down through time
words through my fingers
and tones through my bones
sliding and winding through


Message: Posted by: Corona Smith (Nov 1, 2006 06:14PM)
Lucia told me that Isso said inner beings had learned how to travel through walls and into the ground via fiber optics. Hope that's helpful.

Message: Posted by: coupcoupdaddy (Nov 2, 2006 07:44PM)
Well, I never.

Ellen Elpy
Message: Posted by: coupcoupdaddy (Nov 19, 2006 08:20AM)
And I always will be grateful for the tolerance, abundant humor, information, knowledge and wisdom I've received from my friends here in the green room. The Magic Café has been a source of great joy and delightful inspiration in my past year's journey around the sun. It has been a year to help liberate inner beings from their shivering cells.
The word "atom" originally meant that which cannot be cut into two. Smaller and smaller the world grows, the soul expands its beige edge tottering toward the fulcrum of unconditional positive regard, the counter-balancing weights of I and Thou.
Each organism makes its own brave bid for immortality within. The little magic horse will square off with the div, they will fight on land first, then in the air, then plunge into the water where the horse will prevail and then ask to be sacrificed through fire.

Magic reminds us, renews us.

Rippling thanks so very much for Isso's Adventures on the Magic Café! As the amanuensis, I shall try and formulate them the best I can (then the remote viewing security guards will have to have their way with them.) I would be remiss unless I thanked Corona, Bill Palmer, Tony, Jim, Jack, Cinema, Bill Ligon, Slim, Scott, succinct Pasque, Baba, TrickyVicar, Dr. X, Doc Spec and startling Cloud: your corrrespondence has been bioluminescent.

Thank you, Mr. Brooks and Magic Café staff, for all this greenglow.

Thomas Hastings
Message: Posted by: coupcoupdaddy (Nov 23, 2006 09:24PM)
Our last night in 1879. Tomorrow we move to 1933. New life units! New tempstats! Suitcase of bittersweet clothes for first impressions packed. French Silk pie and chili for breakfast. Moving Day! Just can't impersonate Dada Chaplin Bloomfield from 1920 in 2007. The umlauts are colonizing. No word from Dr. X still garners support. Nothing becomes something. Is so.
Message: Posted by: cloud (Nov 24, 2006 11:27AM)
Wow, dude you are awesome, Fairy tales are for all. Did you get your hair 'do' at Tony and Guys? or did your mates jump you when you were drunk?
Powder to the people 'right on'
Message: Posted by: coupcoupdaddy (Nov 30, 2006 05:30AM)
Yes,Cloud, fairytales are in all. Children need them to be reassured they're not crazy. Adult psychic lives are built upon the energy of their motifs as we travel through our life stages and are changed by them. We steep in their serendipity do. Is so. Is not. Is so. Is not. Is so.
Message: Posted by: coupcoupdaddy (Jan 12, 2007 08:17PM)
Mabel Stark Free! Dr. X Free! Tugboat Annie and Little Dougie's Theme freed the Arked Inner Beings from becoming freezeframed in the rising mud tide of occultism! Mousewoman held her own on the roof with her bag of breadcrusts and cheese rinds dwindling. Everyone's back from the inundation of the subthree-ohm flux fields. ..nicht vansonic grusich.

Lucky Lucia
Impossible Love Child
Message: Posted by: coupcoupdaddy (Feb 4, 2007 12:05PM)
When Lucia Von Franz's Dada Reverend Bloomfield's 1920 Lydia 13 Zurich Studio Photons vanished, all inner beings and inner beings of inner beings and inner beings of inner beings of inner beings followed suit. Isso left me his Joyce Filter and some interesting odds and ends, correspondence, and from Isnot, some whatnot.
Message: Posted by: coupcoupdaddy (Apr 4, 2007 07:32PM)
And then along came Ms. Lily of the Valley Carnie, swamp gypsy shaman knife-throwing country girl, for an exclusive interview with Z&LT in progress.

Betwixt Zargon and the Magic Café, I've met the most remarkable people through Isso Liwok and Lucia Von Franz.
Message: Posted by: coupcoupdaddy (Apr 14, 2007 10:34AM)
Isso and Lily have concluded the first part of their interview. No questions were forthcoming from contacts with and requests to mentalists and magicians. Scientists have now counted over a million different forms of life on earth.
Message: Posted by: coupcoupdaddy (May 29, 2007 05:02AM)
Ms. Lily has been banned from the bizarre forum for overstimulation. Fortunately, the ideas and effects she shared before being cast out (both here and there) are beyond the average performer's abilities. She's not afraid of snakes and she dominates her peers.
Message: Posted by: Corona Smith (May 29, 2007 05:23PM)
Sad news indeed. I hope she can find a forum for her ideas that is not so squeamish.

At least you can type her name though.

Try typing...

S c o t t X a v I e r

sans spaces.
Message: Posted by: Andy the cardician (May 30, 2007 03:51AM)
I rather enjoyed her posts. . .
Message: Posted by: coupcoupdaddy (Jun 11, 2007 11:04AM)
Isso Liwok's 2006 Zoo & Logical Times interviews with Der Boogg, King Henry and Dr. X were excellent background for his present work with Lily and her visionary magic and unique performance art.
Message: Posted by: coupcoupdaddy (Jul 2, 2007 03:19PM)
End of the World Prom
First Forever Stamps
Ants in the Pistachios
MouseWoman Stuck
In the Plastic Bat Bar
Don't Send Help
Help Gets Lost
Message: Posted by: coupcoupdaddy (Jul 13, 2007 06:41AM)
Men's fairy tales are often centered upon the discovery, liberation and restoration of the feminine to her rightful place in the scheme of things and all is better for all.

Mr. Brooks and the Café Staff deserve great thanks for making this so.
Message: Posted by: coupcoupdaddy (Sep 21, 2007 06:42PM)
Corona off to the Bathing Beauties with Little Dougie. We all really miss Lucia Von Franz. Hastings lost his most valuable ring, his only ring, the ring his father gave him. We are sad. --coupcoupdaddy
Message: Posted by: ELima (Sep 24, 2007 11:54AM)
The shortest tragedy ever written?

"May I have this dance, Miss?"
"No thank you, not tonight", the Dayfly replied.

Message: Posted by: coupcoupdaddy (Sep 24, 2007 07:39PM)
E Fem Era
Message: Posted by: coupcoupdaddy (Oct 30, 2007 08:01PM)
All the Inner Beings Wish Jack and Alice Well for Tomorrow's Debut on NBC!

Swimming and Looping Inside their ExtraSensory Deprivation Tank, ISSO & ELLEN SALUTE RAY MOND!

Chalk it up to MMT UPS, you rascal you.

--Lucia Von Franz
Message: Posted by: coupcoupdaddy (Nov 12, 2007 03:54PM)
Wags to witches?
Message: Posted by: coupcoupdaddy (Nov 18, 2007 09:17AM)
It's been a hoot to easily convince Granny Liwok that the next Phenomenon show will feature the entire cast and crew in a production of OKLAHOMA medley/revival with favorite song Toe Knee Eye Nose Max Inv piece! She can't wait to phone in her choice and participate in the vicarious television audience experience. Corona and Eddie have transformed a Queen of Hearts, a dove, a carton of cow milk and a roll of toilet paper into a beautiful Thanksgiving turkey with roasted portentaos. Temperatures will plunge on Thursday. In the Greek, the word for sulphur and divine is the same. Intellect and intelligence are not the same. We wish Jim, Jack and Raymond all our collective best this Odin's Day and Night.

--Isso and Isnot Liwok, Foreign Correspondents, Z<
Message: Posted by: coupcoupdaddy (Mar 12, 2008 10:53AM)
'...discovery of liquid metal mercury circa 300 BC coincides with the beginning of alchemy...original process of goldplating invlvd dissolving gold in mercury to form an AMALGAM painted on the heated base metal...increase heat, vaporize mercury, leave gold on surface...' VOILA!

Although Isnot Liwok outneo-Platonizes Plotinus, it's Zosimos Isso remembers and seeing the Codex once with his own beady eyes.

Kamrusepa over the rainbow, Iris's magnificent arch, Isis withholding favors from the Angels, Telipinu the Hittite god of fertility stalking off in high dungeon over the wickedness of men and everything in nature out of whack oh woe this estrogen easter ishtar astartled morn.

The inner beings are collectively becoming their own oracular system and enjoy each other's interactions and mediation with a cultural diversity of numinous objects to do so.

It's a perfect spring cleaning day today and out go the buskets of sullied water onto the cobblestones. Stir the lumps from that porridge. Faster! Faster! Only minutes until the sun zeniths.

--The Amanuensis (finishing the next-to-last chapter of Isso's Adventures on the Magic Café.)
Message: Posted by: coupcoupdaddy (May 3, 2008 08:07PM)
Denouement: the Amanuensis was not the origin of transmission and I now broom and scatter the clinging pronouns into all six directions, into the nursed entrances and doctored X-its with all. The last inner being to manifest was Old Huff n Puff, my September smoking cessation instructor who lives beneath the stage trap door. Isso's Adventures on the Magic Café will be prose poems, a form that perhaps reflects a relationship between theatrical magic and mentalism. Hence, my harping on Oklahoma and the need for cowfolks and farmers to be friends as new territory and audiences are explored and claimed. Then again, I'm metalexic as well as multiphrenic and should not be trusted with figures of speech.
It has been a real pleasure for me to share Crop Circle Secrets with some of you for whom I have great respect. You passionately and knowledgeably share your love and devotion to your art and craft here on the wondrous Café. I remain your grateful student.
Jung built a square tower in the other world and Von Franz built hers round.

--Tom Hastings
Message: Posted by: coupcoupdaddy (Feb 14, 2009 11:54AM)
And they all lived ever after happy psyche and eros day all from the inner beings all alive and living on the inside on facebook the music and dance hooray

we're off to see the king in yellow and we are besides ourselves hoora

the impossible love daughters of stein and joyce have met after all those years

circulatio alembi
Message: Posted by: coupcoupdaddy (Jun 11, 2009 08:44PM)
Does anyone know the exact moment of the solstice?
Message: Posted by: coupcoupdaddy (Jun 18, 2009 08:40PM)
Thanks, Harley!
Message: Posted by: The Curator (Jun 20, 2009 12:40PM)
On 2007-05-29 06:02, coupcoupdaddy wrote:
Ms. Lily has been banned from the bizarre forum for overstimulation. Fortunately, the ideas and effects she shared before being cast out (both here and there) are beyond the average performer's abilities. She's not afraid of snakes and she dominates her peers.

Long life to Lily !
Message: Posted by: coupcoupdaddy (Jul 2, 2009 09:54AM)
I miss her very much, too.
Message: Posted by: coupcoupdaddy (Aug 13, 2009 09:08PM)
But all the inner beings returned safely from their one month sojourn at the key institute for brain and mind research; sad to say multiphrenia and metalexia will not be considered for inclusion in pending DSM-V book test prototype and no I'm still not allowed to cut and paste anything yet//isso liwok,foreign correspondent,z<
Message: Posted by: coupcoupdaddy (Nov 15, 2009 08:45AM)
Old 3131 is relating the eternal story of psyche and eros on facebook...the seed sorting has begun with white birds after the gmos before the ants can work their magic...the transformation of silent white doves back into multicolored talking magic parrots is imminent and the eminent harley newman sent a stunning snowstorm from china to carry the pollen forward HOORAY!
Message: Posted by: coupcoupdaddy (Jan 17, 2010 06:57AM)
Stories and acts and effects and motifs are certainly all about the alchemical and personality developmental transitions from negredo to albedo to rubedo stages of transformation...this is how marie-louise journeyed from the athanora into the golden ashes of fairytales into her studies of time itself...one can diffuse and focus from mind to body to imagination from the personal to the collective numinosity and back again --tom
Message: Posted by: coupcoupdaddy (Feb 22, 2010 08:42PM)
Am restorying polytheistic nature of fairy tales back to their original gendered psychological intentions...have journeyed far and wide once upon a time
Message: Posted by: coupcoupdaddy (Dec 31, 2010 09:41AM)
The story of psyche and eros for feminine psychology and the story of parsifal and the search for the holy grail for masculine psychology should about do it...viable visual effects (archetypal representation) and they enrich so many other stories within their progressions and motifs...for example, the senex/infantis aeternae pass one another...the fisher king and parsifal are present once again or saturn/cronus and zeus, if you prefer...eros shows up in February but is terribly present during carnival hooray and uhoh!
Message: Posted by: funsway (Jan 1, 2011 09:07AM)
Just found this thread, and I thank thee. Of the many definitions of performing magic I will add "a fairy-tale for adults presented as a demonstration rather than as verbal story." Alterantely, one might say, "Magic creates an alternative universe in which "reality" is the fairy-tale."
Message: Posted by: coupcoupdaddy (Jan 4, 2011 06:41PM)
Message: Posted by: coupcoupdaddy (Jul 15, 2011 09:04AM)
In nature's course, these matters take time as well as the addition of a life unit charger to the joyce filter...the nine red eggs on the equifox path are identified as: affinity, displacement, honor, irony, juxtaposition, magic, religion, science and superstition.
Message: Posted by: coupcoupdaddy (Apr 4, 2013 08:09PM)
For promotional ephemera for AGORA, our art exhibition tomorrow night, my archetypal psychology students fashioned from bargain miss cleo tarot decks over 200 amusingly stickered pieces for distribution around the town square...the egyptian motif seems especially timely...this year on the equifox path we alternated red eggs with kiwi fruit, not kiwi birds (as I heard later).
Message: Posted by: Balaram (Apr 5, 2013 09:53PM)
Hey! Where you been? Glad to hear from you! Agora! Good!
Message: Posted by: coupcoupdaddy (Apr 6, 2013 10:48AM)
AGORA was successful last night on the Art Walk. Corona helped move all the inner beings to facebook including Zoo & Logical Times foreign correspondence desk...Lazarus Devano became my mentor. Good to hear from you, too, Balaram! --Tom Hastings
Message: Posted by: Balaram (Apr 6, 2013 08:19PM)
I hope you are familiar with Jane Yolan's original tales, if not, please go find some--among my favorites: The Hundredth Dove, The Boy Who Sang For Death, & The Tree's Wife. Someone once named her "the American Hans Christian Anderson", not a bad title-
Re-reading this thread reminds me, Coupcoupdaddy, that I never did thank you for all your thoughtful postings. Please allow me to correct this, even tho years later :thumbsup:
Message: Posted by: Balaram (Apr 7, 2013 02:06PM)
Excuse me Ms. Y-o-l-E-n :blackeye:
Message: Posted by: coupcoupdaddy (Apr 14, 2013 11:51AM)
Our pleasure!