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Topic: South Tyneside Convention 2006
Message: Posted by: Ken Dyne (Jan 14, 2006 04:24PM)
Anyone else going to this amazing intimate gathering up here in the North East?
Message: Posted by: nornb (Jan 16, 2006 04:24PM)
Coming down from Aberdeenshire - should be excellent again.
The whole line up looks great, but I am particularly keen to see Whit Haydn and Daniel Garcia.
Both post on here and seem very knowledgeable and decent guys.

Though some say one of them is a Scoundrel!

Have a look at http://whithaydn.com/smf/index.php
Message: Posted by: Ken Dyne (Jan 16, 2006 05:29PM)
Yeah I'm looking forward to it again. its a great convention!

Message: Posted by: templemagic (Jan 18, 2006 04:21AM)
ME! oh you knew that already!

See ya soon mate,
Message: Posted by: wayman (Jan 19, 2006 12:34PM)
Yep I'll be there, missed it last year but caught the first year, should be realy good.
Anyone going to whits midnight show?

For those that don't know the details....
( taken from http://www.southtyneside.info/learningandleisure/magic/ )

Lectures & Close Up

Docc Hilford - USA

Innovator, Master performer, genius – this man has changed the face of mentalism and bizarre magic. He’s not just weird, he’s WEERED!
His simple yet masterful methods and awe-inspiring presentations are all here

Whit Haydn - USA

“Lulled by his easy going manner, his ingenuousness, people find themselves swept away by one illusion after another.” The Magic Castle has awarded Whit Haydn five performing awards: Stage Magician of the Year, Close-up Magician of the Year (twice) and Parlor Magician of the Year (twice).

Daniel Garcia - USA
Daniel Garcia is a magician creating strong visual magic for a new generation of magicians. Daniel is now releasing some of his personal goldmine to the public, many of which are reputation makers. This is a chance to see some of the best examples of practical, hard hitting magic that you will ever see.

Paul Stone - UK
Details to follow

Charlie - UK (Children’s show and lecture)
This entertaining lecture offers practical ideas on how to make a living as an educational magician. Charlie has been performing magic for over 20 years. His lecture will include not only children’s magic but gives you ideas on how to change standard magic props into educational tools.

An afternoon with David Berglas - UK

This unique opportunity to learn from this master showman, the legendary ‘Man of Mystery’. He will recall highlights of his amazing career and show excerpts from his numerous television series covering every facet of magic. He may even reveal some of his best kept secrets!
With his lifetime experiences and knowledge you have a rare chance to participate in a Question & Answer session which may change the way you look at magic!

Gala Shows
Friday 17 March

Whit Haydn (Compere)
Geoffrey Durham
Daniel Garcia
Alec Powell

Saturday 18 March

Brendan Healey (Compere)
David and Dania
Docc Hilford
John Archer
Latin Magic

See you all there.