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Topic: Material
Message: Posted by: chrisM (Nov 16, 2002 09:33PM)
Is there a video that teaches most of the material that is on the Pasteboard Animations video but is taught better?
Message: Posted by: KC (Nov 17, 2002 10:21AM)
There really isn't another video source that teaches what is on Pasteboard Animations. They have a book in print which has a lot of stuff from the video.

Cap Casino has really good explanations and quality video productions on his DVD. I wrote a long, thorough review of it in the post. That video has the best explanations I've seen on a flourish tape, although I have heard the superhandz videos have some really good explanations as well.

If you're patient enough, you can learn the stuff on the pasteboard animations tape. I've learned most of it. I don't care for some of the ace productions, but I can do most of the cuts.