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Topic: Chop cup - lime in coconut
Message: Posted by: sbroomheadsr (Jan 14, 2006 06:17PM)
I been thinking about a chop cup routine done to the song "Lime in the Coconut". You could use a half coconut shell for the cup and small limes for the balls.

Instead of the illusion of placing the ball in the pocket, you would swirl the lime in the coconut and then act like you drink the resulting mixture and make the lime disappear.

The rhythm of the routine could follow the rhythm of the song.

Maybe the last load could be an alarm clock or small phone; for "call me in the morning" part of the song.
Message: Posted by: Jonathan Townsend (Jan 14, 2006 07:50PM)

Go for it!

Maybe just a cell phone that goes off or pager would work too.

Excellent use for those tiny limes. Bravo!
Message: Posted by: sbroomheadsr (Jan 14, 2006 08:20PM)
Oh, another thought for the end. I could just produce more limes, one after another from under the cup until I'd hhave a dozen or so.
Message: Posted by: Joe Russell (Jan 23, 2006 04:11PM)
Or at the end you could produce a sponge ball. Kind of a reverse of what usually happens.
Message: Posted by: jonzola (Mar 27, 2006 05:43AM)
Or a mini can of Coke, you nut.