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Topic: A Corker of an Effect that I don’t understand..
Message: Posted by: BroDavid (Jan 11, 2002 10:18PM)
I have an effect that came in a bag of Magic from Alberta Canada, that consists of a set of three nice chromed cups stamped with "demon" on the inside on the bottom. The cups stand about 4 inches high and have a diameter around 3.5 inches).

One of the cups holds a shell gimmick inside it, that when casually looking into the cup is not seen, and the cup appears empty. But when the shell is removed and displayed, it looks like a very large cork. The bag also had 3 regular (about .75 inch high) bottle-sized corks that each have a metal hook on the side of them. and one normal cork slightly larger than the three and has no hook, that I am guessing went with this effect.

Does any of that sound familiar to anyone, or does anyone have a clue as to where to look?




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Message: Posted by: WindsorWizard (Jan 24, 2002 08:50PM)
BroDavid... It would sound like a sort of cups and balls effect with corks and the climax being with the change or appearance of a giant cork.

I seem to recall seeing something like this years ago, but that is all I recall at this time.

The "Demon" stamp was used on products that I purchased, again years ago, from Davenports in England and possibly searching their old catalogues and other British lists like those of Ken Brooke or Supreme Magic or even some of the American and European dealers lists might give some insight. That's the nice thing about the old catalogues, lots of ideas for new magic!

Have you tried a web search listing the props and the large "Cork" to see what comes up? Sounds like a fun project! Be interesting to hear if you get an answer.