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Topic: J C Sum's Equilteral Book Reviewed!
Message: Posted by: seanalexander (Jan 20, 2006 10:01AM)
Hi all,

I have been reading J C's latest book for the last few weeks and thought I would post a brief review here and hopefully get some others to post their thoughts on the book.

Firstly I have to say that J C is a really helpful guy who is easily approachable and is willing to answer any questions which you may have!

I personally love the book and there are some great illusions in there that are very workable and usable in most situations.

I have listed below my favourites!

Singular - An assistants revenge type prop where you produce your assistant! - I really like this and have shortlisted it as one to build as an opener one of my shows! Looks deceptive and looks practical.

Squeezed and Skewed - Nice looking spear type box illusion that also compresses - Again, very practical, especially if you have bad sight lines! This has also been shortlisted!

Wall 2 Wall - Another gr8 illusion - 2 upright walls stood on 2 dollies are wheeled on and your assistant stands between them with her arms outstretched side by side! A roller blind is drawn between the two and the walls are pushed together squashing the assistant to nothing! I like this one because it's a bit different and not using another"box"!

Full throttle - This is a reasonably compact, self contained motorcycle illusion that you can do in most situations without having to be on a theatre stage with all the backdrops, etc! This would be ideal for a showroom bike launch!

The whole book is very informative and nothing has been left out. There is something in there for every illusionist and should be in your library, I highly reccomend it!

Message: Posted by: Paul Romhany (Jan 20, 2006 10:29AM)
I also have this book and without a doubt one of the best illusion books I have ever seen. It is obvious that each illusion is not a pipe dream and diret from JC's show, which in itself tells you that it is good. They are all good illusions, I really like the car production and the Squeeze Illusion. Highly recommend this book to anybody wanting good, solid, practical illusions. The quality of the book is also of a very high standard.