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Topic: Josh Jay in Manchester, NH January 24th
Message: Posted by: jmmagic (Jan 23, 2006 10:28AM)

DATE: Tuesday, January 24, 2006

LECTURE TIME: Lecture is at 8:00pm,
doors will open at 7:45pm

Lecture attendes WILL NOT be
allowed inside earlier than this time
as there will be a workshop going on
from 5:30pm - 7:45pm. Please be respectful
to the people who have paid to attend
the private session workshop.

COST: Lecture = $15.00 (Open to everyone)

LOCATION: Joe Michaud House
989 Belmont St
Manchester, NH 03104

Phone 603-533-0074

Note that this IS NOT our traditional
meeting location.

LINK TO JOE's HOME (Mapquest): http://snipurl.com/l84e

TOPIC: The Brand New Josh Jay 2006 Lecture
The lecture will teach effects using borrowed
a remote control, pocket change, cards, coins,
and other objects. There will be close-up magic,
stand-up magic, and even a mentalism effect.

Several items will be workshopped during the
lecture, and everyone will be encouraged to
fold bills or learn card sleights along with Joshua.
The majority of items will be within the range
of the beginner. Joshua is also very happy to
take questions regarding any topics or tricks
discussed in the lecture, his books, or his
monthly column.

Even if you've seen or read Joshua Jay's
published material before, you have never seen
a majority of his brand new effects.


Specializing in sleight-of-hand magic which is
done close up and with ordinary props, Joshua's
unique style has earned him the critical acclaim
necessary to maintain an international performing

Using just a pack of cards, coins, and a few
other objects, Joshua wields miracles of animation,
transposition, and penetration with the audience
only inches away from his hands.

Joshua Jay has been performing magic
professionally since he was 10 years old. At
just 23, Joshua has already accomplished more
than most magicians will in their entire lives.

If you have any further questions, just drop us a line here at this email address ibm_ring166@yahoo.com