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Topic: Peter Eggink - a little background...
Message: Posted by: Steve Brooks (Jan 28, 2006 04:53AM)
[b]The Magic of Peter Eggink[/b]


Peter's name is well known in the field of magician, being synonymous with both the performance of magic and the creation of some of the most amazing magical effects.

Peter's interest in magic spans back to the age of four, when he was given a magic set by his parents. Since then he has won many prizes at numerous national and international magic conventions and has been involved with the professional performance of magic since the age of nineteen.

Many established magicians will have already heard of Peter's name through his involvement in the creation of some of the most creative and imaginative magical effects on the market, which include:
[*]“3 FRY”
[*]“Ace Oddity”
[*]“Heat wave”
[*]“Touched By an Angel”
[*]“Copy Cash”
[*]“Your Card”
[*]“Strangers Like Me”
[*]“Beyond Belief”
[*]“AE 2.0”
You can find more information on the above effects at [url=http://www.petereggink.com]PeterEggink.Com[/url] and [url=http://www.murphysmagic.com/s.nl/sc.2/category.292/ctype.SS/SS.137/.f"]Murphy's Magic Supplies[/url]