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Topic: Jokermagic belt pouch review
Message: Posted by: mdspark (Jan 30, 2006 01:28PM)
I receive this about a week ago. This comes in two sizes, I have the small one. I have to say that this is probably one of the better $10 purchases I have made. It is all black leather and is just the size to perfectly hold 2 decks of cards. In the front pocket I currently carry some half dollars and a sh*** in a coin box. Along with that you could also fit a silk pocket square (silk hank found in men's dress stores) if it is neatly folded repeatedly into a small square package.

The belt loop on the back is nice and wide, providing stabliity on the belt. While probably not specefically designed for magicians, it is perfect for the job of carrying 2 decks and some other small props..all of which would be too much bulk and weight to carry in pant pockets. It being small, is not overly conspicuous on the belt and therefore does not resemble a fanny pack. All in all, I would reccomend it for anyone wanting to carry some cards and other props that would other wise feel akward and heavy in pant pockets. Definetly worth the price..good buy.
Message: Posted by: Paolo Venturini (Feb 1, 2006 11:26PM)
Thank you for the review. They are the perfect props for table hopper and streets magic.
Message: Posted by: tntjr (Feb 12, 2006 09:27AM)
I ordered the same, as well as the larger one from Paolo. He is a pleasure to do business with, and I agree they are both a good value. I also just received an email that he is closing his shop for health reasons. My best wishes go to him. He is looking to liquidate his inventory in the next couple weeks, so act fast.
Message: Posted by: Paolo Venturini (Feb 12, 2006 10:18AM)
Thank you guys.

Yes, sadly it is true. I think I'm not lucky with magic shops... First one in Miami, was closed after 9/11; now in NYC I'm closing the on line shop for a "bad trick" I've received in my life, and I'll fly back to Italy next Feb. 27.

Dealers are not allowed in the Café' (that's right I believe), so I've sent a couple of emails to Mr. Steve Brooks and Mrs. Mya Angel asking for permission and advices to post the liquidation of few items remaining, but I didn't hear from them, so I've sent emails to people that bought from me in the past. I hate loosing money for the second time, so I'm selling at the wholesale price the tricks, recovering some money that could help me with the expences I'll face in Italy.

There isn't much time. To whom who like to have a list of all the stuff, please email me or pm me asap.

Thank you.
Message: Posted by: Paolo Venturini (Feb 15, 2006 05:41PM)
The list is ready and Updated to send.

Pm me if you need the list.

Thank you to everybody.
Message: Posted by: Paolo Venturini (Feb 20, 2006 12:17AM)
There isn't much left and Mr Brooks don't answer my emails (he's probably busy in most important matters), so I cannot post my inventory in "Trade or Sell", so who interested in wholesale list of magic tricks, please pm me asap, Thank you.
Message: Posted by: -0- (Feb 22, 2006 12:02PM)
I ordered two of these pouches at the end of last week, I live in the uk so I expected them to take a while. They arrived yesterday, and I'm impressed

The small one is just larger than a deck of cards (i don't have a clip, though I want one, so I can't comment on it's fir, but I guess it would be fine). It also has a smallish pouch on the front easily fitting some coins, maybe some rubber bands etc.

The large one can actually fit 4 decks in the main pouch with no hassle (apart from the weight on your belt), and I fit 8 spongeballs in the front zippered area with plenty of space left.

For the price I've no complaints, reccomeneded if you're looking for a cheap pouch or two. It's sad to hear about Paolo going out of business, for one thing his service is exemplary.

I hope this review helps someone
Message: Posted by: Paolo Venturini (Feb 23, 2006 12:57AM)
That's true -0-,

they are beautiful, helpful and cheap, thanks for the review.

I have oly these left, better price (3 days left) and I'll review any good offer.

# 10 Leather Bag Purse w/Belt Loop Small ($ 7.50 ea. $ 70.00 all)
# 5 Leather Bag Purse w/Belt Loop Big ($ 9.00 ea. $ 40.00 all)
# 27 Leather Coin Purse w/key chain ($3.50 ea. $ 85.00 all)
# 8 Leather Coin Purse flower Squeeze ($ 3.50 ea. $ 24.00 all)
# 5 Majoke Magazine Only One Edition ($ 3.00 ea. $ 12.00 all)

Almost all the tricks have the pictures and/or demo in



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