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Topic: Looking for rope routine
Message: Posted by: xxxRoyxxx (Feb 1, 2006 08:53PM)
Ok. a magician had taught me a trick where the spec. repeatedly cuts the rope unevenly (this is funny). throughout the routine the ends move and are completely taken off; a circle of rope is left. Also, there is a point where a knot was tied in the middle and it appeared that the knot jumped to different ends of the rope, while the magician held it in his hands... In the end, the magician p**med a knot and did a maneuver that gave the illusion that a knot tied on the rope popped right off(really the p**med knot) He told me it was a george sands routine.I need to find it. Is it this Sandsational routine????HELP!
Message: Posted by: 61magic (Feb 2, 2006 12:35PM)
If memory serves me George Sands published two rope routines. There any many different takes on his routine others have come out with.
I think both manuscripts are still available, but you may need to look around.
Check with the larger magic suppliers line Abbotts, Tannens, Hank Lee, or H&R magic books.
If rope is an area of interest the Encyclopedia of Rope magic is a must. Also Tarbell has a fair amount of information in the course.
Daryl also offers some good material on rope, and Aldo Colombini's Mamma Mia rope routine is really good.
Message: Posted by: Cartelli (Feb 4, 2006 01:40PM)
Not all the effects you discripe are in the SANDSATIONAL Routine. You may also look some books or DVDs about ropemagic (Daryl, Sander's Fibre Optic, Flip etc..)
Message: Posted by: Bob Sanders (Feb 13, 2006 10:03PM)
Even after all these years, people would be shocked how much of my rope routine started with ideas from Tarbell. Don't over look the obvious.

Bob Sanders
Magic By Sander
Message: Posted by: John Long (Feb 15, 2006 04:44PM)

Can you point to which routines/effects in Tarbell you like. Currently I only have vol 1 & 2, but could be persuaded to get some others :)

Message: Posted by: Andre Hagen (Feb 20, 2006 06:44PM)
George Sands routines: Sandsational and Ropesational are still out there. His son Alan has George's book "Sandsational Rope 3-Effects" and also has it on DVD on his website http://www.alansands.com/store/sandsrope.html

Virtually every rope routine created since George published "Sandsational Rope" in 1949 has borrowed from his ideas. You can't go wrong by using his book and/or DVD as a starting point in your quest for a rope routine.
Message: Posted by: ReDeFiNe (Feb 21, 2006 08:58PM)
Tabary's Rope routine is really great!!! Check out FLIP's DVD too from L and L , it has some interestin rope sequence...

I have a special rope set which has 3 complete rope routines in my lectures. One of the routine is on my site , a japan tv broadcast.www.jeremypei.com . I sell the rope set in different colors during my lecture too, and the notes explain all 3 routines in detail. PM me for more info.