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Topic: Another question about a derren brown method..sorry!
Message: Posted by: howdoidisconnect (Feb 5, 2006 07:52PM)
Ok I have been ree-watching seance today, and I am looking for any reference material on a section in the programe where he put a spec behind a curtain and in the victoiran seance style and with some paper and tamborine on a table, and the tamborine was pushed off the table, now the spec swears blind she didn't do it, but was shown on film doing it. What avenue do I need to research . Now I will assume that at no time did he say, or at least the audience hear that he instructed her to do this and she didn't rember being told it . She was put into whatever kind of trance like state that derren uses.
This isn't a request so I can copy this effect, but I think a good understanding of this effects can open the doors of some really good demonstrations. I have been giving this thought all day but have come up cold?

any help

Kind regards

Message: Posted by: The One (Feb 5, 2006 08:38PM)
How about coming up with your own method?
Message: Posted by: howdoidisconnect (Feb 6, 2006 08:19AM)
The one,

If you re-read what I asked, that is what I am trying to do, as stated in my last paragraph. If references and/or methods exist for this, I see no point in 're-inventing the wheel'. But thank you for taking the time to come up with such a inspired sugestion.

Message: Posted by: shinobi (Feb 7, 2006 05:36AM)
Good preshow work and post hypnotic suggestions with an environmental trigger perhaps? all hypnosis 101 stuff...
Message: Posted by: howdoidisconnect (Feb 7, 2006 08:14AM)
Ahh I think that tiped it, enviromental triggers, I hadn't thought of that. the trigger would have been the difined curtain swish!. Thanks I have something to work with now. Funny how the answer is always under your nose. I have used triggers like a touch or a buzzer. Just goes to show how another mind of this helps.

many thanks

Message: Posted by: Coyotekin (Feb 7, 2006 05:34PM)
Shinobi has a point. Look up Derren's example, google it and loof for the Channel 4 reference, of using suggestion at Whitegate Mall. That should start to give you an idea. Just pay attention to his wording.
And I would advise you start looking into some NLP, Neuro Linguistic Programming, to help better expand your knowledge and awareness.
Message: Posted by: howdoidisconnect (Feb 7, 2006 07:10PM)
This is something I have been looking into more, but to sort out the wheat from the chaff (as it were) is fairly diffiucult. I have a NLP home study course by rex sikes I think. I found this in a local second hand shop!.
Any suggestions (excuse the pun) for NLP reference?

kind regards

Message: Posted by: dan parker (Feb 8, 2006 02:09AM)
If you look at reminiscence or Lift or Tractor these Effects have nothing to do with hypnosis but depend on dual reality, but Derren hints, that all people believe it has something to do with body language or hypnosis...

I don't know if he has the solid time to do such pre show work or nlp.. and if he has everyone knows it is not shure fire...

in my opinion this effect like many others of Derren has nothing to do with hypnosis... but try it and you will fail..
Message: Posted by: dogggy (Feb 11, 2006 04:28AM)
I would assume pre show hypnosis work, as the people behind the curtain certainly resembled stage hypnosis subjects. As fas as looking into NLP I definitely see it being beneficial for psychological forces, and eliciting, anchoring, and utilizing emotional states, and possibly simple thoughts of the subject. I have a master practitioner certification in NLP and you can't make people do things that resemble stage hypnosis. You can use sugestion effectively for forces.
Message: Posted by: Harry H (Feb 14, 2006 03:06PM)
I recall after Seance had aired a forum member of JREF made a curious discovery about that effect.When the effect happened in real time compared to when it was played back on the screen-from overhead camera in the cabinet-to the spec there was 2.7 seconds missing when ran side by side!
We never did find out what occured in that time,but as dan parker suggested the effect doesn't involve hypnosis.Instant stooge maybe?
Message: Posted by: howdoidisconnect (Feb 15, 2006 12:31PM)
I must look into more about instant stooges then?, this just fasinacted me

thanks guys

Message: Posted by: Andrei (Feb 15, 2006 01:33PM)
No stooging, 100% reliable.

Think outside the box, and listen to what the spectator is saying, all the way through to the end.

Message: Posted by: jgravelle (Feb 15, 2006 02:08PM)
Turn the volume up enough as he's setting her up and you'll hear something to the effect of "You'll do this all yourself". Trigger? Maybe.

I don't know whether one qualifies as an "instant" stooge if one has been openly preselected and show-prepped based upon their gull-- I mean, susceptibility.

I'll wager somebody has categorized the various degrees of stoogeousness (stoogiosity?) somewhere, though...


Message: Posted by: Andrei (Feb 15, 2006 03:19PM)
I can't believe how intelligent people can overcomplicate things so much.

Just goes to show how clever Derren is for throwing in red herrings aimed especially at trained audiences (such as magicians, hypnotists, etc)

Message: Posted by: Harry H (Feb 15, 2006 05:17PM)
The missing 2.7 seconds is odd though Andrei..no?
Message: Posted by: Andrei (Feb 16, 2006 02:01AM)
The One, fair point, I do apologize.

Message: Posted by: Brainbu$ter (Nov 10, 2017 12:44AM)
[quote]On Feb 15, 2006, Harry H wrote:
The missing 2.7 seconds is odd though Andrei..no? [/quote]

I don't find it odd.
Shaving off 3 seconds happens in every TV show.
Pacing for a TV audience is extremely important (it's not peculiar to magic).