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Topic: Human Ice Machine
Message: Posted by: Joshua Lozoff (Feb 6, 2006 07:28PM)
I recently read a reference to an effect, maybe by Gary Kurtz, where the magician swallows water and spits out ice. Anyone know anything about this or something similar?
Message: Posted by: Cartelli (Feb 7, 2006 01:42PM)
You say "spits out ice". Do you mean ice-cubes (3-4)?
I found a description of this in a book in Germany by Alexander de Cova.
But this is close up or stand up (not grand illusion).
Message: Posted by: Cartelli (Feb 7, 2006 03:46PM)
The Book (in german language is "secrets No.1".
The trick is called "sugar dandy" and Alexander de Cova said Gary Kurtz has taken it into his stand up act. I don't know if it is on one of the english videos oder dvd's.
Message: Posted by: Joshua Lozoff (Feb 7, 2006 08:27PM)
Is this book available to purchase somewhere? Do you have it, and can give me your opinion on the effect? And why is it called sugar dandy if it's about turning water into ice cubes?

Message: Posted by: Cartelli (Feb 8, 2006 01:40PM)
I don't know, if the book is available in english language. In my opinion the effect is great if it fits your style. but there are some restrictions for the loading of ice-cubes (5 cubes if you want).
Message: Posted by: Stefan S. (May 12, 2006 01:29AM)
I have seen Gary perform it and it is great! But basicly its the old Ball from mouth routine done with fake ice cubes, you could try real ones but they are slippery! :)