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Topic: Creating Effects
Message: Posted by: jgravelle (Feb 7, 2006 04:01PM)
A standard question for songwriters involves the order in the creation process: Catchy tune first, then lyrics? Or lyrics first, and then melody?

For magicians who create effects, the question becomes this: Do you come up with an effect first, and then the method? Or do methods tend to inspire effects?


Message: Posted by: Peter Eggink (Feb 7, 2006 04:24PM)

Usually it starts with a "Dream" which would be the desired effect, and then I try to find the best method and handling I can. However, it also happens that I come up with a new sleight or method first and think: "Wow this would be a great way to switch a card" etc. and then create the actual effect around the method.

To come back on your question: Do methods inspire effects? yes, for me it does.
However, there's no specific order as for the creation process. I'm surprised each and everytime how things come together...

Thanks for your standard question ;)