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Topic: Creating Gimmicks?
Message: Posted by: triXter9669 (Feb 8, 2006 10:28AM)
Whats up again Peter,

I see that you mentioned a new trick that you have sold the right to elmmagic which features a gimmick to do all the work for you.

My question is, do you create this gimmick by hand? Do you draw it out and have someone build it for you? How do you come up with a gimmick to do the work for you? Any insight on this would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks dude
Message: Posted by: Peter Eggink (Feb 8, 2006 01:59PM)

Basically I make the gimmicks by hand personally. The final gimmick that I end up with, is usually not the one that I start with. The process of perfecting thus finalizing the gimmick can be pretty long, and takes a huge amount of time.

I simply do not have the time to manufacture each and every gimmick personally, and that's one of the reasons why I usually decide to sell the rights of these typ of effects.

How do I come up with a gimmick? Usualy it starts with a specific effect that I have in my mind, and from there I try to be as open mided as possible. if you think that everything is possible, things will pop up in your mind. of course I can only speak for myself here.

Thanks for your question.