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Topic: Free pdf Samples at Leaping Lizards
Message: Posted by: tla (Feb 8, 2006 01:44PM)
Leaping Lizards Magic is providing free pdf samples of their publications.

Check them out at: http://www.leapinglizardsmagic.com/automata.htm

This is the page with the sample from Automata by Shane.
Message: Posted by: D Byrd (Feb 8, 2006 09:59PM)
The Pentalogy looks awsome. I will have it for sale starting tomorrow (thursday 2/9) if anyone is interested.
Message: Posted by: leapinglizards (Aug 18, 2006 06:27PM)
Thanks for the kind words Doug.

For those who have this book or any others that we have put out, we now have a discussion forum where you can share ideas, ask the athors questions and such.

http://www.leapinglizardsmagic.com/lizardtalkgateway.htm is the link if it interests you.