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Topic: Comedy Club
Message: Posted by: Pete Legend (Feb 9, 2006 01:19PM)
Hey lads hows the craic like?

Next Thursday I will have the chance to perform a 25 minute piece in one of the cities top comedy clubs like.I will be doing so over the next three weeks in a beautiful performing venue which seats roughly 130 people,depending how it goes I may get the call to perform in its main performing venue which seats bout 400.Im well happy and cannot wait but have a question.

Would you guys in this situation include a piece from your show for the 25 minute slot.For example I was thinking of performing my opener like:

Introduction,three people brought on stage,A person from the audience is handed an envelope and asked to keep hold of it,Spec 1 is asked to draw whatever pops in their mind,Spec 2 is asked to think of a movie and while this is going on Spec 3 is asked to select a random word from a book.Word from the book revealed,movie revealed and the drawing done by the spec is a close match to the one in the envelope.

Spec 3 is then invited to think of a time and I get it followed by PK Time and then the spec reads my mind.A nice humourous routine that has really strong mind reading material that amaze's everyone including all the spec's.I use this as my opener like but in this situation would you guys recommend constructing a new routine for the 25 minutes where there is a definite opening,middle and finish,almost like a 25 minute show or should I stick to the above opener which will probadly be stronger as its been tried and tested like!Any thoughts would be grand like!

Pete Carroll
Message: Posted by: Dannydoyle (Feb 9, 2006 02:21PM)
I get a kick out of people who get the opportunities and then and only then think of what they will do with that opportunity.

FIRST know what to do, then get the job.
Message: Posted by: mdspark (Feb 9, 2006 02:34PM)
I think Danny is right.. If you don't already know before you get the job something is wrong. And whatever routines you do..should be so well tuned and already performed so often that it is now in your DNA.

Message: Posted by: kcalB (Feb 9, 2006 03:41PM)
I'd like to address the actual question, which was the opening effect.

The routine that you describe sounds good and should be in the show a little further on in.
Try opening with something that will hit them fast and will let them know what they're about to experience.

I would do Osterlinds In The Fold or a Bank Night routine or better yet some Forces as projections to the audience.
You'll want to show that you have a sense of humor and that the act will be fun and amazing.

Start with simple routines and then build to the more complex such as the triple prediction that you described in your question then end with something totally impossible such as a Book Test or a fast paced Q&A.

Good Luck to You,
Sebastian Black
Message: Posted by: Pete Legend (Feb 9, 2006 03:46PM)
Oooooo k well thing is guys I will be performing a one hour show if things go well,this is my preference.Everything is well rehearsed concerning material.I was spotted my the club manager doing a charity gig and was under the impression that the show I would be performing would be an hour show rather than 25 minute piece.But things change!I was just wondering would you guys perform a routine from your hour or 90 minute act or construct a 25 minute performance piece especially for the occassion i.e. taking bits and pieces from your existing act and fusing them into a routine which has a begining,middle and end.Merits of this is that it will have a definite climax while the merits of the other is that the routine such as the opener I described earlier is tried and tested and always goes down well but without the kicker climax.I mean its not really a problem,I know it will be grand and I know everyone will love it and that I will of course be asked to stay on but I wanted to hear people's opinion on my question....it was not about the material as everything I use is tried and tested.lol I'm glad Dannydoyle got his kick anyways ;) Ah sure I suppose in fairness Im not exactly the best at explaining my self,its an Irish thing so no problems lol

Slan leat
Peadar O Carbhail
Message: Posted by: Pete Legend (Feb 9, 2006 03:56PM)
Thanks Mr Black I appreciate your reply very much!But the thing is I only have 25 minutes,which I don't think is enough to show everything that I can do.So I was thinking that my stage opener described above is strong,humourous and makes the spectator at the end the star because she reads my mind.But then I was thinking should I use bits and pieces from my act for example could I use a part of my opener with my usual closure for this special occassion and get that begining,middle and end feel to the piece.Im not asking anyone here about actual material but just curious what one would do in this situation.Im very confident with myself and the material I cannot forsee any problems I'm just curious :)Thanks again for your kind words Mr Black I appreciatre it!
Message: Posted by: entity (Feb 9, 2006 04:12PM)
Go with what you know works for you.

Just because something works for someone else, it doesn't mean it will work for you, or that everyone should do the same things the same way.

If you are comfortable with a set piece, and you know that it will work for any audience, stay with that.

- entity
Message: Posted by: carbone1853 (Feb 9, 2006 07:10PM)
First you are way ahead of the game since the person who is paying you, booked you because they saw your act and liked it.

Second most people have trouble going form a long act to a short one, which is why people often go WAY over in short auditions. So, being nervous about this is natural.

Mr. Black is correct you should start with is something that you can get into quickly and is funny/entertaining right away. Your job will be made easer because you will have a professional MC to get the audience’s attention and introduce you. You start with the audience’s attention and some credibility. (Most verity performers are not used to working with the benefit of an MC) So you will be able to move more quickly into an opining RT.

Remember, your opening RT does not have to knock the audience off their seats, save that for your big finish. Your opening RT should:

1) Get there attention (Most important)
2) Convince them you will not waste there time (2nd most important)
3) Begin to establish your charter and the premise of the show (also very helpful)

So as long as you opening dose those three things it is a fine opening and I bet you already have several bits that will do the job.

Good luck

Message: Posted by: chichi711 (Feb 9, 2006 07:55PM)
I can understand where some of you are coming from. Don't take a show unless you know what you will do. Really Grobbler knows what do to. He obvioulsy has a strong 25 min presentation. I am sure he can go with that and be just fine. Sometimes taking a show makes you think if you could do something different. In my opinion there is nothing wrong with that. If push comes to shove do what you do. If you can come up with something better then go with that. Its a good way to improve your shows.
Message: Posted by: Pete Legend (Feb 10, 2006 05:05PM)
Hey guys thanks for the replies I appreciate it! :)

Chris your quiet right there will be a professional MC to bring me on which is a huge help indeed.You make great points with regards to what an opening piece should consist off,thanks for sharing your experience and knowledge with me I appreciate it very much!

Also Entity and chichi thanks for sharing your thoughts and I also think that sometimes going into the unknown is great for improving and learning,We only really grow through by our experiences.

With all that being said,Im very confident,I always am to be honest :).Cant wait for it actually!!,will tell you guys how I get on.

Message: Posted by: The Village Idiots (Feb 12, 2006 01:06PM)
Necessity is the mother of invention. Good for you on getting the booking. This career is based on breaks, obstacles, improvisation, and new challenges. If you are scared to take risks you are in the wrong career.

Pete, I am sure you will construct the best 25 for your needs. I did a show last night in Orlando with a friend of mine. Mind you I have been working with another guy, Wally, for 5 years so working with a new cat sure makes it different. I had to do material I hadn't performed in 5 years. Granted I had performed each of those routines thousands, literally, of times but that was a long time ago.

Give us a report on how it went.

Message: Posted by: bobser (Feb 12, 2006 03:50PM)
Hi Pete.
To be honest don't think there's much merit to your question (please take that the way it's intended).
By that I mean: you come across as being extremely confident, competent and experienced with a total belief in both yourself and your 'stuff'.

Based on that, why would such a talented, confident and experienced mentalist care what we, total strangers think? Since we haven't seen you or your act I really believe it would be impossible to remotely suggest anything to you for this 'one-off' gig. If you really are as talented and confident as that then trust me, you couldn't go wrong even if you tried.

I would recommend a set of blinkers for this one. As a caveat I would suggest however that a table is only as strong as its weakest leg. Therefore I would agree with what one of the others seemed to suggest...
'proper planning plus proper preparation equals success'. So plan early.