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Topic: Paul Potassy
Message: Posted by: chappy (Feb 13, 2006 12:17AM)
Another great pickpocket act that I for one would love to hear any stories about. I have just finished reading The Magic of Paul Potassy which I was first attracted to because of the pickpocket act. The rest of the book is fantastic also. Is there any/much footage of Paul Potassy available?
Message: Posted by: Rudy Sanchez (Feb 13, 2006 10:57AM)
From my understanding Paul Potassy will have a DVD coming out soon. I also was attracted to the book because of the pickpocket act.

Message: Posted by: neoreform (Feb 17, 2006 05:51PM)
Any idea of the release of the video?
Message: Posted by: Rudy Sanchez (Feb 18, 2006 09:39AM)
I believe that I read it will be out sometime this year.

Message: Posted by: Sal Amangka (Mar 27, 2006 11:08AM)
Hi Peeps,

I just made an interview with Mr. Potassy. He confirms that he will be coming out with a 3 volume dvd hopefully to be release before the year ends. Now that's something to watch out for!

Message: Posted by: rannie (Mar 27, 2006 11:13AM)
Sal and I are one of the lucky few who personally knows Paul. Paul is probably one of Europe's best magicians. Can't wait for that DVD. He truly is one of the best pickpockets I have ever seen.
Message: Posted by: chappy (Mar 27, 2006 09:23PM)
If they are crammed full with half as much as his recent book they will be great. I hope there will be a lot of footage from actual shows. The book did such a great job of detailing the routining more so than the methodology, I think this is where there is the most to learn. I don't buy DVDS often but I can't wait for this.
Message: Posted by: Sal Amangka (Mar 27, 2006 09:44PM)

I think one of the 3 volumes to come out will feature his full show with a live audience. Then again, that remains to be seen. Anyway, to all I.B.M. members, please watch out for the interview I made with Mr. Potassy as it will be published in TLR.

Message: Posted by: chappy (Mar 28, 2006 04:40AM)
Thanks for the heads up Sal, I look forward to the release.

Message: Posted by: jlevey (Apr 19, 2006 08:58PM)
Can someone please provide a brief summary of the pickpocketing material covered in the recent book Magic of Paul Potassy?

Will this pickpocketing material (routine) be included in r. Potassy's upcoming DVD?

Message: Posted by: chappy (Apr 21, 2006 12:17AM)
Hi Jonathan

Paul Potassy is one of the names I frequently heard when first looking into picking pockets. The book describes the entire routine that made him famous as a pickpocket. It also describes his entire magic act and extensive repetoire, including all of the transitions between routines.
This includes how he leads into the pickpocketing and out of it into the routine that follows. The explanations assume a general knowledge of technique and focus more on the routining.

And the routine is pretty standard. When compared with something like James Freedmans Stealing the Show DVD, it may at first seem not to have a lot of information, but there are some details that make it very valuable to a working performer.

This is a perfect example of how a straightforward act can become a reputation maker in the right hands.

I am still looking forward to his DVDs

Message: Posted by: jlevey (Apr 21, 2006 06:24AM)
The information you provided Greg is very helpful.

Paul Potassy's book, and now his pending DVD project, sound excellent.

Many thanks.

Message: Posted by: Sal Amangka (Apr 22, 2006 10:49PM)

From what I was told by Mr. Potassy, his entire act will cover the upcoming dvd's. They will start filming after the F.I.S.M. 2006 (he will be having a special interview for the said event) and hopefully releases it by December 2006.

Hope this helps!

Message: Posted by: jlevey (Apr 23, 2006 07:41AM)
Thanks for the update Sal, and for this most encouraging news.

Message: Posted by: argent (Apr 24, 2007 06:18AM)
I first heard of Paul Potassy around 40 years or so ago. I was told about some magician who could get standing ovations at 2am in the morning from inebriated and inattentive audiences at European night clubs doing nothing but standard tricks like the Sympathetic Silks, Razor Blades etc;

I found it hard to believe at the time but then I got to see him perform on a couple of occasions. One of the best performers there has ever been.
Message: Posted by: acortest (Jun 29, 2011 12:17PM)
I just saw that L&L is selling a 3 volume DVD set "The Magic of Paul Potassy". Does anyone own it or have a review of it yet that you can post? Thanks.
Message: Posted by: dukun (Aug 14, 2011 12:09PM)
I like Paul Potassy because I watch stealing the show by James freedman..

And yes I like Paul because the pickpocket act..