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Topic: Total Destiny magic review
Message: Posted by: jonhson (Jan 13, 2002 10:54AM)
As a lot of people know, I have sent a lot of emails to magicians on this board asking their opinions about this trick. Some of them have helped me a lot, now I have the Total Destiny and I will make a review of it.

EFFECT: Write a prediction on a card or piece of paper. The prediction remains in full view.

Next, display a specially designed and finished plastic board. The board contains a large grid filled with numbers. A spectator names one of the numbers. Totally free choice. Circle the selected number, then erase the numbers around the selection.

A second and third spectator each call out numbers (also free choice). Their numbers are circled and the numbers around them erased.

Finally, one uncircled number remains on the board. Circle this number. It becomes your free selection.

Now, add up all four selected numbers.

Ask a spectator to open your prediction. It exactly matches the sum of the freely chosen numbers!

Total Destiny can be repeated immediately. Each time the total is different! The prediction can be mailed to your audience weeks in advance! You can even customize the prediction to match just about any total. Based on the work of Walter Gibson, Maurice Kraitchik, Mel Stover and Phil Goldstein, Total Destiny creates a high impact effect that seems totally impossible!

REVIEW: This trick is based on the work of Walter Gibson, Maurice Kraitchik, Mel Stover and Phil Goldstein, Total Destiny creates a high impact effect that seems totally impossible!

Comes complete with the Total Destiny board, a dry erase marker and a 16 page, photo illustrated booklet which features Phil Goldsteinís Rainbow Matrix and Force Majeur.

This trick JUST uses mathematics. You can do this trick with a lot of totals, 1000 totals, believe me.

If you like mentalism, get this trick, or if you donít, BUY IT.

I have bought it from Meyer Yedid, and it has come to me very quickly. It sells for $45

I highly recomend it!
Message: Posted by: Davro (Jan 13, 2002 11:19AM)
I use this at birthday parties and anniversary parties with an outcome of the age of the child or the anniversary date of the couple
Message: Posted by: psychic (Oct 9, 2002 04:26AM)
Sounds like some mathmatical principle involved? Is the prop gaffed? If not, I am not that willing to invest $45 for a mathematical principle.

Thanks for the advice.
Message: Posted by: Mr. Magician (Oct 9, 2002 11:57AM)
You are paying for an eraseboard and a marker as the prop itself.
It is not gaffed, but the trick is the BEST.
Message: Posted by: psychic (Oct 9, 2002 09:13PM)
Thanks for the info. Perhaps I should get a Martin Gardner book instead first.

Cheers :dance:
Message: Posted by: dAvId tOnG (Oct 10, 2002 08:05PM)
If you want a book with an effect similar to this, get "My Way to Mentalism" by Tony Binarelli. It has a cool effect inside using a similar principle to Total Destiny. You will need to make the board though, as it is meant for stage and uses playing cards instead of numbers. The effect is called "Probability 14400" if I didn't remember wrongly.
Message: Posted by: psychic (Oct 11, 2002 01:26AM)
Thanks David, I've got the book. Didn't realise its the same though. Alright then, let me revisit that effect this weekend. Cheers :dance: