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Topic: I am what I am!
Message: Posted by: Mario Morris (Feb 14, 2006 09:34PM)
When someone is a busker there he carries a way of life!

It is not what he does but rather who he is.

I would argue that a busker could not stop being a busker. I know a number of Buskers that now are full time comedians but they carry the hall mark of busking with them.

I am not talking about those that tried it for a season and went on to work for Burger King. Rather they that lived by the life stile of a busker busking.

A Circus performer would carry similar traits, they way they see and perform a show will be inherited from a life stile.

I hered a good example recently,
Aliens asking you to do human, do human! I can’t do human I am human.

Any one can do a cat, dog or even a cow.

You can do busking but that does not make you a busker no more than you doing a cat make you a cat.

A busker is a busker even when he is not busking or even when he is getting paid for a gig. Same much as if you took a circus performer and stuck him in a theater he is still a circus performer the only difference is that audience may not no.

There is no profound point that I am trying to make hear just a few lonely thoughts.
Message: Posted by: johnnymystic (Feb 14, 2006 09:44PM)
Dude...you now have 777 posts...do you know how lucky that is??? Holy Crap!!!

Message: Posted by: Mario Morris (Feb 14, 2006 09:58PM)
DID. lol
Message: Posted by: mc_magi (Feb 14, 2006 10:01PM)
Op, you just lost it Mr Morris.
Good thought though,
I think that can be applied to pretty much general magic, not just buskers however. once magician, most likely to be a magician forever.
Message: Posted by: johnnymystic (Feb 14, 2006 10:21PM)
Lol, yep there it goes...hope you made a wish?

Message: Posted by: Mario Morris (Feb 15, 2006 03:56AM)
The word Magician is a lot more general if you like a corridor to a possible life stile. A magician does not do magic but creates magical moments. If you were to say Traveling Magician that is more pacific to a life stile.
A cruise ship performer and so on. I feel a Children entertainer for the most part is not a life stile but that is not a rule.

On the other hand Buskers, Circus performers is a way of life.
It stands to be more misunderstood by society. Most buskers I know that perform magic will consider them self’s a Busker long before they would consider them self’s a Magician. On the other hand they can visit the magic world and often be considered highly but they don’t just quite fit in. They have a lot more in common with a juggler, mime artist, musicians and the chap that sells the local paper.

A busker may be appreciated for what he does by the magic world but not so much for how he is. They are often patronized for example a buskers conpertion held at a magic world. Is viewed with low regard in place of close up, stage awards. Why can I say that is simple the cash prize is one of the lowest?

Not so at a street performers festival this is where a busker would feel most at home. He will not turn up to just watch, he is there to perform he is the star of his show. It does not matter weather he is doing magic or not. The smallest of festivals Comp cash win often match all is bigger than some of the biggest magic conventions. Buskers don’t reside in the magic world most of them find the magic world hard to relate to. Most buskers that I know don’t like magicians as a rule; I think that boils down to them having personality crises than any thing personal. They revolt against the twee, fashionable all the latest up and coming magic star.

Message: Posted by: mc_magi (Feb 15, 2006 04:04AM)
Ah. Thank you for enlightening me on the views... I've never seen it that way, but it makes perfect sense.
And yes, by magicians I did mean those people who do it as travelling - the touring ones. They have their own way of life as well, I believe.
And I never knew busking was considered to be "lowly" =(. That is a sad thing for the magic community.
Message: Posted by: Mario Morris (Feb 15, 2006 04:32AM)
I did not mean considered lowly they are admired often. They may addmire the skill and talent of one or tow but that is not reflective of the buskers comunity which is broader than just magic. Street performrs comp don't belong in the magic world in my mind because magicians will be bias towards magic. It is that simple it does not belong there. That works both ways the busking comunity view of the magic world.

To think few hundread years ago juggerling and magic were one of the same thing that belonged in a traveling busking/circus show. I beleave TV sealed the divorce, in the one hand you have a performance that looks like a toth paste advert, on the other you have a performance that looks like it is drawn from ancient hitory, mind you I say that with my buskers eyes on. Buskers do it like the way it has been done since the begining of time with the exception to the odd amp. The Magic world has changed a great deal and that is not a bad thing just diffrent.

One thing for sure it is easy for a busker to walk in the world of magic but a lot harder for a magician to walk in the buskers world.
Message: Posted by: Danny Hustle (Feb 15, 2006 08:56PM)
I'm a busker like my hero...Kozmo! :D

You are spot on Mario, spot on!

It isn't something I do, it is something I am.

If I hit the lottery for a billion dollars, or found out that Bill Gates was my [i]real[/i] daddy, I'd still be out there.


Message: Posted by: TheAmbitiousCard (Feb 15, 2006 11:19PM)
I am what I am.
I'm not a busker but I do drink coffee.

Did you know you can get your very own Danny Hustle Coffee Mug?

Come on guys. ... I'm getting one and I might get my wife a T-shirt too.

Show your busker spirit and check out the stuff. I did..


p.s. Sorry Danny, I could not help myself. :)
Message: Posted by: Mario Morris (Feb 16, 2006 05:35AM)
I love your pouch.
Message: Posted by: Danny Hustle (Feb 16, 2006 06:55AM)
You ain't seen nothing yet! Wait till I pull out the beads, macramé pot holders, and velvet Elvis! :)

I am so glad I got rid of the thong underwear. :)


Message: Posted by: jgravelle (Feb 16, 2006 07:18AM)
On 2006-02-15 21:56, Danny Hustle wrote:
If I hit the lottery for a billion dollars, or found out that Bill Gates was my [i]real[/i] daddy, I'd still be out there.

[i]"A man is a success if he gets up in the morning and goes to bed at night and in between does what he wants to do."[/i] -Bob Dylan

I envy you your success.


Message: Posted by: BAH1313 (Feb 16, 2006 07:55AM)
Coffee in the morn, a few suds late at night, and buskin in between. That is living... amongst the living.
I cant wait for the season to break open again.