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Topic: Thanks Slim, I am eating 2 nite
Message: Posted by: Hernan (Feb 19, 2006 06:02PM)
Thanks to your notes on glass walking.
Me and a friend were able to make some extra cash on a cold rainy night.

We were even able to convince some jaded hipster to part with about 45$ total.
Since it was bad weather, the big circle performers stayed home and we raked in a decent amount of money.
Message: Posted by: FacadeTheStiltBoy (Feb 19, 2006 10:15PM)

Nice job on pulling in some cash. What was the total haul if you don't mind me asking?
Message: Posted by: NJJ (Feb 28, 2006 07:00PM)
If you learnt how to eat lightbulbs you'd both satisfying your hunger AND make cash

:) :) :)