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Topic: From nearly-FISM to the streets - My history in magic
Message: Posted by: Chris Becker (Feb 20, 2006 01:16PM)
Ha, this a very off-topic ramble about something totally unimportant. If you're reading this, check out your very first posts in this forum, it's a fun thing to do.

When I started posting on this board in November 2001, I was all into manipulation and proudly announced that I wanted to participate in a FISM competition one day. I had previously won my national Austrian competition with a manipulation act and thought that was exactly my thing.... Turns out I was wrong. Here I am, studying/practicing law 6000 miles from home, still no FISM competition under my belt and aspiring to start busking sometime soon.

It's a nostalgic thing to say but considering all the things that happened over the last 5 years in my life, the gf's that came and went, the degrees I earned, the jobs I had and the countries I've lived in... although I'm far from being a regular poster, magic and the Magic Café have always been constants...

Thanks for listening. ;-)

Message: Posted by: NeoMagic (Feb 20, 2006 05:01PM)
In the meantime, we've all been entering FISM competitions. Where've ya been?! :jesterhat:
Message: Posted by: Chris Becker (Feb 20, 2006 07:43PM)
:thumbsup: You did? That's great!
:thumbsdown: I'm afraid I got stuck in law school ...
Message: Posted by: ed rhodes (Feb 21, 2006 04:25AM)
On 2006-02-20 20:43, Christof wrote:
:thumbsup: You did? That's great!
:thumbsdown: I'm afraid I got stuck in law school ...

At least you're not at Wal*Mart wondering where your sense of concentration has gone and why you can't seem to schedule practice sessions for yourself. :cry: