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Topic: Branson
Message: Posted by: Christopher (Feb 21, 2006 07:52AM)
I will be moving to Branson shortly to begin my shows for the next year. Does anyone know of any clubs, conventions, etc in the area?
Message: Posted by: Bob Sanders (Feb 21, 2006 08:39AM)

You will love Branson, MO. For four years I worked from Fayetteville, AR, south of there and loved it. I came back to Alabama in 1983. (The KinderCare international headquarters office was in Montgomery, AL.)

As far as conventions go, the next is the 35th Annual Cavalcade of Magic in Eureka Springs, AR. (That is just the Arkansas side of the state line and longer established than the MO side for magic shows.) That is the last weekend in March. Lucy and I will be performing there again this year. The end of April (April 29) is the Peoria convention and I will also be lecturing and performing there.

The best magic club in the area is Ring 75 in Ft. Smith, AR. It is very active and you will be surprised at the magicians that just drop in. It is the home of Bill Pitts.

In the 80's The Wizards of Ozarks was headquartered in Fayetteville. Its membership ranged from California to New York to New Orleans and Atlanta for working magicians. We are scattered again and the club no longer exists. I think Rusty McClung (The Great Xavior) in Georgia was the last president. Many of the members are retired or dead.

There is a new effort to re-establish a SAM Assembly in Fayetteville, AR. Contact Opie Houston in Austin, Texas for details.

Oklahoma also has active magic clubs and magic shops. (It was the warehousing and offices for Six-Flags. Some of the better agents work from Oklahoma. That's a trade secret I hate to give away!)

Of course, St. Louis is north of you. After the hay days of the Playboy Clubs in the 70s, I've really lost contact there.

Great Place! Great Folks! I'd go back in a heartbeat. Living in the Ozarks is living well.


Bob Sanders
Magic By Sander
Message: Posted by: Magic of Dan (Feb 22, 2006 09:51AM)
Christopher, definitely come up to St Louis for the Midwest Magic Jubilee in St Louis, August 17-19. For more information on the jubilee, go to http://www.mmjubilee.com
Message: Posted by: Bob Sanders (Mar 19, 2006 09:17AM)

Lucy and I will be just across the state line from you in the Ozarks doing magic March 29 - April 1. Rattle my cage! We'll try to get together.

Bob and Lucy Sanders
Magic By Sander