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Topic: David Blaine on TV in UK
Message: Posted by: noncom (Nov 23, 2002 02:24PM)
Hi folks

Just in case anyone reads this in time to catch him (and wants to), the David Blaine special Magic Man is showing tonight (Sat 23/11) on Channel 4 at 10pm. He's also a guest on the Jonathan Ross chat show on BBC1 at around 0130 tomorrow morning.

Message: Posted by: TheRetainer (Nov 23, 2002 06:24PM)
Thanks for the post. I caught him on with Jonathon Ross. He talked about his new stunt, which should take place sometime in June next year I think. He'll be handcuffed, placed in lead boots, then bound, and dropped from London/ Tower Bridge (can't remember which one). He certainly seems keen to put on a show :) .
Message: Posted by: Harry R (Nov 23, 2002 08:06PM)
And on UK TV next Saturday: David Blaine's Vertigo and a repeat of The 50 Greatest Magic Tricks Of All Time.
Message: Posted by: noncom (Nov 24, 2002 02:18PM)
I'm pretty sure what he said was "Tower Bridge, or a helicopter......". Hmm, that sounds well organised then.

Andy :rotf:
Message: Posted by: AllThumbs (Nov 24, 2002 04:02PM)
ummm, what's this to do with mental magic, mentalism or hypnotism??


Kris Sheglova
Message: Posted by: wayman (Nov 24, 2002 04:23PM)
The DB show that was shown (magic man) involved a LOT of mental magic ( I say a LOT because it was for David Blaine)

This included a variation of Dai Vernons mental force, Banacheks PK Time, a swami routine, plus others of a mentalist theme.

I was also surprised as David didnt seem hi usual boring self, instead he seemed to be jovial.
Message: Posted by: shrink (Nov 24, 2002 06:16PM)
I saw him on Johnathon Ross and was suprised as to how limited he is in live chat situation. He came in and put cards on the table straight away and looked really nervous just wanting to get on with the tricks..

One of my friends claimed he saw Derren Brown Briefly in the Green room anyone else confirm that?
Message: Posted by: dr chutney (Nov 25, 2002 03:26AM)
Caught the Ross interview and the Magic Man repeat. Anyone else think the needle thru hand on the Ross show a bit naff? More like an acupuncture demo than a dazzling effect. Just left me fairly nonplussed.

As you say, Wayman, a lot of pen and paper effects in Magic Man, plus his interpretation of the Dai Vernon force. Was the kid the first one he tried with that as it's not 100% guaranteed obviously. I reckon the outtakes would be worth seeing.

And someone correct me if I'm wrong, but with the "signed 2H to beer bottle" was there a judicious edit between the signing of the card and DB throwing the deck behind the spectators? I wasn't convinced it was all real time.
Message: Posted by: noncom (Nov 25, 2002 06:14AM)
On 2002-11-24 17:02, AllThumbs wrote:
ummm, what's this to do with mental magic, mentalism or hypnotism??


Well, for one thing, as others have said there's quite a lot of mentalism in the show. Secondly, although I don't like a lot of what David does (or more accurately perhaps, the way he does it), he does have the ability to convince SOME people that he has genuine powers.

Although I think he makes some pretty bad errors of judgement (for example the sequence in Haiti shows him to be completely out of his depth in understanding their perspective on "magic") and mixes some great effects with pretty lame ones like the coins from coffee, I still think I can learn something from him in terms of how to walk that tightrope of allowing people to think you've done something supernatural and at the same time not letting them regard you as a guru and want to blow lots of money on psychic readings.

As for the stunt regarding falling into the Thames with lead boots on, it's not really got anything to do with mentalism at all, but people WILL be talking about it afterwards and that can only be good publicity for any one of us who can capitalise on the interest in him.

Message: Posted by: Mesaboogie (Nov 25, 2002 06:18AM)
In reality David did a completely different trickm, his waving aces that you later see him perform on the women in the car.

One the selection process has been made and David has stolen the card, the camera cuts to the card in bottle revelation, which actually happened much later.
Message: Posted by: dr chutney (Nov 25, 2002 06:25AM)
Either you've misunderstood me, or I've not got the gist of your reply. From the beginning of the card in bottle sequence to the end of it there seemed to be an edit when the camera cut to the face of the male spectator just after the card had been signed. The cards were then thrown and the 2H found in the bottle. Reminded me of some of Paul Zenon's stuff with rings in tins of beans, flower pots and shop windows.
Message: Posted by: Bruno (Nov 25, 2002 07:37PM)
I too caught a glimse of the maestro!
Derren was there alright.
Message: Posted by: Mesaboogie (Nov 26, 2002 02:25AM)
Sorry, dr chutney, I must admit, reading my reply again did sound a little confusing.

Ok, the answer to your question is, yes, there was an edit. The reason I know is that one of the outtakes on the Blaine DVD shows the trick without edit. What actually happens after the card is signed is he does a trick called 'waving aces' (you later see a different take on this trick later in the show).

IN reality, after doing this trick David probably stole the same card again, and had it planted. Since the card was the same in both effects, they simply cut out 'waving the aces, and stuck the bottle revelation in instead.

Hope that now makes sense
Message: Posted by: dr chutney (Nov 26, 2002 02:58AM)
Thanks Mesaboogie for clearing that up.

I must admit the TV editing takes a lot away from the overall performance. This subject has probably been covered before elsewhere but wouldn't it be better to see street magic as if you were watching it live with no edits? What you see is what really happened. OR ... does it matter as far as the lay TV audience are concerned? They see the name revealed on his stomach, or the card in the bottle and accept the effects as shown.
Message: Posted by: noncom (Nov 26, 2002 05:07AM)
You know, I'm not sure it matters at all. OK, so those "in the know" get to scoff at the fact that he's relying on editing to make effects look better than they are. But the reactions of the people on screen show that, to them as well as the general TV audience, it looked like a miracle. Maybe David Blaine feels he has to do this because, lets face it, a lot of sleights which you can get away with in front of an audience of a few people close up, would never stand the scutiny of 10 million people pressing rewind on their video.

In the end, the vast bulk of the audience can't tell which effects would look exactly the same if you bumped into DB on the street and which wouldn't - in fact, I'm not even sure I can all the time.

And, lest we chastise DB a little too much, isn't there a bucketload of stuff in the Derren Brown Mind Control series that MUST have relied on something happening off-camera to make it work?