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Topic: David Berglas
Message: Posted by: mackmania (Feb 25, 2006 08:41AM)
I'm in the middle of reading Berglas's book and it's fantastic. Does anyone have a favorite effect from the book? Does anyone know where to get videos or DVDs of David performing? It's fantastic.

Message: Posted by: Greg Arce (Feb 25, 2006 10:24AM)
The man is a genius. He became my new performing god when I read that book... and then reread it several times.

Message: Posted by: Waters (Feb 25, 2006 10:40AM)
[b]True![/b] The Man (and the book) are treasures.

Message: Posted by: Bill Cushman (Feb 26, 2006 04:02AM)
There is so much to be learned in the Berglas book and most of it isn't effects. He thought big and was a great showman. His creative twists are inspirational. Hence the comments above.

As far as effects, the high quality information on equivoque could be a book in itself. There is one particular effect, not one of the flashier ones, that for some reason always stays with me; Add Infinitum. Several variations, paralleling its evolution are explained. Make sure you get to his final version.
Message: Posted by: munger (Feb 26, 2006 09:51AM)
Wonderfull book !

newspaper prediction

Message: Posted by: MisterE21 (Feb 26, 2006 12:26PM)

But no chair routine explanation. It's been keeping me up at night.

Well, the entire BOOK has been keeping me up at night. It's amazing. If it was easier to get, I'd say the book should be required reading for ANY mentalist and/or magician.

Actually, I think it would be required reading if it were re-released without explanations. Reading it, it almost feels like someone sat down and thought "alright, if someone were REALLY a magician in this day and age, what would they do?" and created the story of Mr. Berglas. Just reading the effects, and knowing that they were created using regular (or sometimes irregular) magical means, is completely inspiring.

But, the explanations are inspiring as well to a) see how far outside the box it's possible to think and b) to see how far someone will go, in some cases, to achieve an extremely magical effect. ::grin::

Message: Posted by: Snail (Feb 26, 2006 01:32PM)
Is this book currently available?
Message: Posted by: cfrye (Feb 26, 2006 01:36PM)
Yes. You can find it at http://www.jimsteinmeyer.com/catalog/books/ .

Message: Posted by: smokingkills (Feb 26, 2006 03:20PM)
I love his newspaper prediction type of effect. Recently met him - he showed me any card at any number, whilst driving in traffic with MY deck of cards! ;-)
Message: Posted by: Snail (Feb 26, 2006 03:24PM)
What is the effect of the Newspaper prediction?
Message: Posted by: Slim King (Feb 26, 2006 04:18PM)
What's up with The David Berglas File, being sold on Hank Lee's for $5?
Message: Posted by: entity (Feb 26, 2006 04:25PM)
Smokingkills: I don't believe you.

- entity
Message: Posted by: Slim King (Feb 26, 2006 04:30PM)
You callin' me out!!!!?????
Message: Posted by: entity (Feb 26, 2006 04:48PM)
Read my post again.

- entity
Message: Posted by: Slim King (Feb 26, 2006 04:49PM)
Message: Posted by: mackmania (Feb 26, 2006 10:42PM)
Hey, it stinks about the table levitation not being revealed. That book is probably the best I have ever read (I'm still reading it). All of the stuff is so amazing and he seems like he's a superb showmen. I second Slim King on trying to find out what this David Berglas File thing is. Smokingkills, you really met him?

Message: Posted by: noumena (Feb 27, 2006 02:49AM)
Over the last few months of working on my theater show, which opens March 16th, I have to say that the Berglas book has been one of the greatest sources of influence and inspiration for me. While several of the explanations are inclomplete or vacant there is so much attention to detail. I think it is one of the rare books that actually teaches how to perform by strong example. I have read and re-read it at least a dozen times over the past 3 months and have learned something new and profound every time.

- Brandon
Message: Posted by: ClouDsss (Feb 27, 2006 09:08AM)
Wowo this book costs 200? but from what I am reading, it seems to be worth every cent. Now where can I find such money :(
Message: Posted by: Piers (Feb 28, 2006 12:41AM)
Does this book compare with other presentation books at all ?
It's a lot of money, but sorely tempting.
Message: Posted by: Patrick Redford (Feb 28, 2006 01:04AM)
It has been a favorite in my collection since I made the purchase. It does make one's head spin. The stories are wonderful - it's hard to put down. It is quite inspiring and has spawned many ideas in my head. It's also a beautifully produced book. It's a wonderful window into the man's life and legend.

-Patrick Redford
Message: Posted by: Dr Spektor (Feb 28, 2006 06:24AM)
Curse you all (tongue in cheek) - you have got me so fired up over this book - I just went and bought a copy for $200.... but with all the praises being sung - I'm sure it is worth its weight in gold...

I got to stop logging in so much - I end up buying way more books and DVDs by listening to you all ;)

All the best,

Message: Posted by: Harry Lucas (Feb 28, 2006 07:41AM)
It's worth every cent and much more.
Message: Posted by: Jay Elf (Feb 28, 2006 01:19PM)
Great book except "Any Card At Any Number" section.
The ad said "The Legendary ACAAN finally revealed".
The explanation, however, doesn't make sence.
But it's a great book on the whole.
Message: Posted by: MisterE21 (Feb 28, 2006 01:29PM)
The ACAAN (a/k/a The Berglas Effect) is, admittedly, the strangest chapter in the entire book. I don't think I can agree with Jay Elf entirely (i.e., that it doesn't "make sense,") I just think the introduction to the explanation is completely accurate...the method for the effect is so much a part of David, the way he performs, the way his mind works, etc., that it's almost impossible to lay out in print. I remember telling my wife that it's the only time I've read 27 pages of explanation on an effect and am no closer to performing it than I was before (and, realistically, maybe even further away).

But, with time and re-reading, it started to make more sense. Admittedly, it doesn't really explain at ALL the most famous stories surrounding this effect (the deck in the glove box, Barrie Richardson's recounting in Theatre Of The Mind) but, hey...It's still an excellent book and, really, I think that if you put in the time, effort, work, blood, sweat, tears, etc., you can definetely work out the Berglas Effect in certain presentations. Just not the most famous versions.

Message: Posted by: Snail (Feb 28, 2006 03:21PM)
On 2006-02-26 16:20, smokingkills wrote:
he showed me any card at any number, whilst driving in traffic [/quote]

Was this a blind-fold drive? :)
Message: Posted by: DoctorCognos (Feb 28, 2006 03:36PM)
Just saw the Berglas book for sale in the Books for sale section.

Somebody must need it. Or maybe it is already sold by now.

The Doctor
Message: Posted by: Turk (Feb 28, 2006 03:52PM)
On 2006-02-26 17:18, Slim King wrote:
What's up with The David Berglas File, being sold on Hank Lee's for $5?


I'm wondering if the "David Berglas File" is a set of lecture notes? It definitely is not the $200.00 "The Mind and Magic of David Berglas" book. Now youv'e got me curious.

Take care,

Message: Posted by: Slim King (Feb 28, 2006 04:25PM)
I'd buy it but I hate spending $7.50 on shipping for a $5 item.
Message: Posted by: Rory Raven (Feb 28, 2006 08:35PM)
"The David Berglas File", which I have before me, is a good collection of general magic -- cards, ropes, and such. Yes, solid magic, but no mentalism to speak of.

BTW, its full title is "The David Berglas File No. 1 -- Professional Magic for Magicians." No. 2 is advertised in the back as being "In Preparation", but I don't know if it was ever produced. A few other intriguing titles are also listed as "Planned", including one on "Psychological Magic".

Hope this helps ....

Message: Posted by: Steve Knight (Mar 1, 2006 03:35AM)
I'm almost certain the other Berglas files never made it to publication. His "Matchmaker", "ESPacology" and "Newspaper prediction" routines were released seperately with the "Newspaper prediction" also released on video which sometimes comes up on eBay.
Message: Posted by: bobser (Mar 1, 2006 06:33PM)
The superlatives have already been used.
Can I finally say that to seriously suggest that one is interested in mentalism and NOT to have Berglas might be considered sacriligious IMHO. Because this is completely and absolutely The Dog's B******'s!(I'm in a posh mood)
And finally I would suggest that this book is actually FREE!!!!
I say that simply because, to my mind, in the very near future all copies will be worth far more than the $200 asking price (if not already).
Don't invest in real estate... buy Berglas!

Message: Posted by: mackmania (Mar 2, 2006 06:34PM)
How about the Turning the Clock Back routine? That was a highlight of the book for me.

Message: Posted by: smokingkills (Mar 2, 2006 10:23PM)
He wasn't blindfolded, no. Entity, I wouldn't believe me either.
Message: Posted by: malini (Mar 3, 2006 03:29AM)
My copy has an entire bookshelf to itself.

Well, right next to the, now out of print, Derren Brown books.
Message: Posted by: Piers (Mar 23, 2006 11:41AM)
I had the pleasure of meeting David Berglas last night.
What a gentleman.

Message: Posted by: Al Straker (Mar 24, 2006 01:33AM)
David is the closest thing on earth to a real life James Bond! This book is incredible.

Message: Posted by: Scott Xavier (Mar 24, 2006 03:12AM)
I wonder how valid the gambling method described is even today. Can it be found?
Message: Posted by: Harry Lucas (Mar 24, 2006 03:50AM)
There was a booklet once, and I think it still exists somewhere.
Message: Posted by: MagoStevo (Mar 24, 2006 05:07AM)
Just when I thought my mentalism act was boring and dull, David Berglas enlighted me and inspired me so much. IMHO, he is like the Godfather of our field. My favourite has to be the ....everything in the book!
Message: Posted by: Scott Xavier (Mar 24, 2006 12:19PM)
I have met a lot of my heros. Blaine, Harris, Maven, Carter, Cheung, etc. But this man would have to be the coolest individual on the planet!

Whats so cool is that he dropped out of the game! He won the game! He developed a legend. He's the man!
Message: Posted by: Dr Spektor (Mar 24, 2006 12:46PM)
He'll be back - no one can really drop out of the game of magic - once bitten you are blessed/cursed forever :)... unless he joins Magicians Anonymous and maybe joins a monestary...but that probably won't work either....