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Topic: Champagne Goldfish Miracle
Message: Posted by: a.lien (Nov 25, 2002 06:32PM)
Hello Folks,

is anyone familiar with the "Champagne Goldfish Miracle" available at Magic Smith?

I was wondering if this is the same principal as David Copperfield used in his last TV Special.

Does anybody know who invented the whole routine including the vanishing/reappearing water in the glass after the cover by a cloth?

I appreciate any comments!

Thanks everybody,
Alex :dance:
Message: Posted by: BenSchwartz (Nov 26, 2002 07:40AM)
No.. it's not the one that Copperfield used.. it's the one doug henning used on TV in the 70's though... it's really great.. the creator of the effect, Dick Barry (a fantastic magician), is my friend... it's a really cool way to produce a goldfish.. soooo simple... yet... what more do you want?
Message: Posted by: a.lien (Nov 26, 2002 12:00PM)
Thanks Ben for your post!

I´m really looking forward to do it since I´ve already ordered it from Magic Smith. Unfortunately something got screwed up with the mail so I´m still waiting.

I knew that Doug Henning was the first one to make this effect popular in the 80´s, but do you know what methode DC uses today? I watched Dick Barry on a demo-video at magic Smith´s Homeopage and I´m just curious because it appears, that it´s hardly any different in the handling.
Message: Posted by: BenSchwartz (Nov 29, 2002 08:26AM)
you will... see you will see :bigsmile:
Message: Posted by: a.lien (Nov 29, 2002 11:34PM)
Hello Ben,

guess what: I got the trick and you were right: it´s soo simple, once again I was fooled by a gimmick, that hasn´t tricked me out for the first time..! It was almost like discovering "magic" for a second time in my life - lika a deja vu..!

But now, knowing how it´s done, I´ve watched DC and his version of the fish production again and I must say: He DOES do it exactly the same way, it´s just a slightly different handling!

If you have his performance on tape and (only) if you´re interested, watch it again and you´ll notice, that he uses the same ol´ gimmick, just a bit larger than Dick´s".
His handling therefore is modified especially to work over the camera. You will notice that he simply covers the gimmick with his other hand at the right time, but I feel this is going too far now for an "open" post here.

If you wanna go on let´s send private messages instead to keep this wonderful effect secret, as I´m not allowed to go into the banquet room yet with my 10 posts.

In any case I have analysed DC´s handling up to the details and I´d be happy to share them with you, if you wish.

Thanks for your replies and maybe till later..!

Take care,

Message: Posted by: Lloyd McDonald (Dec 7, 2002 12:09AM)
I spoke with Dick Barry a few months back and he confirmed that David Copperfield is using his method. :bunny2:
Message: Posted by: Decomposed (Jul 25, 2004 07:09AM)
Wow, that is something. I have Fish Appear but want to try another one.
Message: Posted by: yanyak5 (Jul 26, 2004 02:58PM)
It is a great effect. I wrote a poem on this effect for patter. If you're interested, I'd be happy to share it with you. Just send me a PM.
Message: Posted by: LeeAlex2002 (Jul 26, 2004 11:52PM)
The effect does not appear to be on the magic site anymore.

Where did it go (or where else can it be obtained?)?
Message: Posted by: Decomposed (Jul 27, 2004 02:51AM)
I can't get it to pull up either...

Oh well, ordered it anyways. Hope it is as good as everyone says it is. I would love someone to post who has Kevin James and this one with a comparison.
Message: Posted by: Philipp K (Jul 27, 2004 06:44AM)
You can get it through Dick Barry's site: http://www.dickbarrymagic.com/
and than click on Great Magic (it is on the second page).
Message: Posted by: Decomposed (Jul 31, 2004 05:28AM)
I received it yesterday and tried it out on my 8-year-old assistant. Thumbs up! I have a show Wednesday and will work on it some more 'til then. I went right out and bought 8 goldfish feeders.
Message: Posted by: yanyak5 (Aug 1, 2004 06:10PM)
I did this effect in a competition, and I was all set and ready to go. The act before me was supposed to go no longer than 7 minutes. He took at least 15...and it was a real hot day. The goldfish died on me. I was so upset that they did. I produced the fish, and they ploped right into the glass laying on their backside. I had no idea what to say or do. I sorta wiggled the glass a little to keep the audiences eyes from burning the fish. I just placed the glass behind a top hat I had on the table and continued with my act. Just remember to be careful. Listen to the author of the effect about the life span of the fish. I thought you may want to hear it from someone that it actually happened to...Best of luck with your new trick!
Message: Posted by: mattisdx (Aug 1, 2004 07:30PM)
Anyone know where I can find this?

Thanks! :D
Message: Posted by: LeeAlex2002 (Aug 1, 2004 11:44PM)
On 2004-08-01 15:30, mattisdx wrote:
Anyone know where I can find this ?

See above:

Oops, this link doesn't seem to work.
You have to go to: http://www.dickbarrymagic.com/
and than click on Great Magic (it is on the second page).
Message: Posted by: Decomposed (Aug 8, 2004 11:41AM)
Thanks YanYak. Sorry to hear that. Were you outdoors?

I used this as my first effect right after the introduction and Fish Appear.

It looks like you covered it well.
Message: Posted by: yanyak5 (Aug 8, 2004 03:05PM)
No, I wasnt outside but inside. It was very hot in the building, and they didn't have A/C. I don't think anyone really noticed, but still its a shame to have that happen.

I Got your PM Candini, its on the other computer, so I will e-mail it or PM it to you.
Message: Posted by: Decomposed (Aug 10, 2004 04:54AM)
Thanks Yanyak....Ever seeing Mac King do his version, I have really been all over this effect. Several versions on the market. I gave my three feeders away in a raffle at the Daycare and have 4 feeders at home in a 10 gal tank. Combining this one with the Nielsen Fish Appear.