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Topic: What do you say when...
Message: Posted by: Mike Robbins (Nov 25, 2002 02:59PM)
I've been performing a comedy magic act for several years professionally. In that time, I've studied mentalism and finally put together a mentalism act two years ago and started performing it.

I market both shows and I've come to a problem in my marketing that has become glaringly apparent to me this holiday marketing season.

When describing the best audience for the shows, I've had trouble. I've described the comedy magic show as having a broad appeal and the mentalism show as applying to more intelligent audiences. I don't like the way it sounds as it sounds a bit arrogant: "If you're smart, you'll book the mentalism. If you're dumb, you'll book the comedy."

A few general trends I have found so far are that women seem to enjoy mentalism more than men, people in management and ownership positions seem to enjoy it more than those in labor positions, and it seems more accepted by those who are older than those who are younger.

Now certainly I realize that this is just my experience and it may more reflect my act, persona, and presentation than it does mentalism itself. If so, it doesn't change the trends I've seen and, unless I change one of the other factors, it's what I need to deal with.

This is a long way to get to two questions:

1. Do you see the same trends?

2. What do you use to describe the best mentalism audience to a prospective client vs a magic audience? Even if you don't do magic as well, what would you tell a client who is considering hiring you or a magician?


Message: Posted by: Jim Reynolds (Nov 25, 2002 09:28PM)

It might help to let us know what kind of mentalism you do. Readings? Bizarre effects? PK? What you do in your show should be able tell you how to sell it differently than comedy magic.

In any event, I would address a traditional mentalism show as:

A more interactive show that explores the great potential of the human mind with demonstrations of (name some of your effects here)...something like that.

And if they are still not sure, sell the comedy magic :clownonball:

Message: Posted by: Mike Robbins (Nov 25, 2002 11:47PM)
On 2002-11-25 22:28, Jim Reynolds wrote:

It might help to let us know what kind of mentalism you do. Readings? Bizarre effects? PK?


Traditional. No bizarre. Only readings are during the pseudo psychometry closer. My presentation is on the light side, but is not a "gut-buster" like the comedy.