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Topic: Comedy glass box prediction
Message: Posted by: Zamboni (Mar 4, 2006 07:00PM)
I have a show coming up in which I want to do the glass box prediction to increase my profile. However I do a comedy magic act and am wondering how to pull it off. Should I try and get some humour into this effect to maintain my character or just get serious at the end (it will be the finale) and go for maximum astonishment? Can I even have both and if so does anyone have suggestions for humor?
Message: Posted by: cfrye (Mar 4, 2006 08:31PM)
There's no reason you couldn't make it funny. Just be sure that you build it up at the end so that the humor doesn't take much away from the effect's impact.

For humor, you could do a headline prediction where your predictions are parodies of the actual headlines. If Sydney beat Essendon 114-53, you might predict "Swans Underform but Manage Win", for example.

Message: Posted by: Reuben Dunn (Mar 5, 2006 02:17AM)
Lee Earle has a routine that is published in Syzugy book that involved a headline prediction using a tabloid headline, e.g., "Elvis discoved living on secret moon base with Patsy Cline".

Why not do the same?
Message: Posted by: Zamboni (Mar 6, 2006 04:54AM)
Great ideas guys, thanks.