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Topic: The Richey Technique (Redux)
Message: Posted by: McCritical (Nov 26, 2002 09:07AM)
I picked up the Richey technique, and found I was less impressed with the [i]technique[/i] (the physical handling of the answers) and more impressed with the [i]approach[/i]--which has made the investment worthwhile.

It appears that the Richey approach is more concerned with [i]why[/i] an audience would sit through an entire show based solely on Q & A. And to tell the truth, giving the audience that sort of payoff sounds like a lot more fun for both the audience and the performer.

I've been looking for a subtle approach to mentalism for a long time...an approach where I use my mind [i]not[/i] to will things to happen, but to [i]tune in[/i] to the facts and phenomena that are already out there.

Any suggestions?
Message: Posted by: sandman690 (Nov 26, 2002 03:25PM)

I think that is all about the development of a persona and reason for doing what you do. If you are really interested in what is out there to tune into and build a persona, along with routines, that fits the image, you can get to the place I think you are talking about. Think to your self about your character... what could he/she do? I recommend really building off your own life experiences. Then add the effects. Just my 2 cents :P

Stan Alexander
Message: Posted by: mansomago (Nov 28, 2002 06:34PM)
anybody can give more information about what is the richey technique?
Message: Posted by: McCritical (Nov 30, 2002 08:08AM)
The Richey Technique uses a combination of methods to reveal the answers to a sitter's (or participant's) questions before they ask them.

The process is more psychological than mechanical. The mechanics aren't terribly difficult...pacing is the key element to the illusion.