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Topic: Review: Real Pen-etration by Alan Rorrison
Message: Posted by: Cameron Francis (Mar 21, 2006 12:54PM)
[b]Real Pen-etration by Alan Rorrison[/b]

This is Alan Rorrisonís impromptu bill penetration effect and itís really good. Interestingly enough, not much has been said about it on the Cafť which surprises me as so many people seem to be looking for astonishing impromptu effects. If youíre looking for a really strong, completely impromptu bill penetration, you should definitely check it out.

When I first saw Alanís demo for Misleading Mislead, he did it as the traditional Mislead two phase effect. While I really liked Misleading Mislead, the first phase completely fried me. He simply folded the bill, put the pen between the folds, bent down the front of the bill to show that the pen was really in there and then proceeded to very cleanly push it right through the center of the bill, leaving it completely unharmed. It just looked so clean.

I finally got around to purchasing the effect. It works how you might think it works but the subtleties are what make it so good. The effect is very simple and completely impromptu. The handling does require some finesse but once you get it down, youíve got a very nice little miracle on your hands.

While I like other versions of impromptu pen through dollar, what I really like about this one is that there are no extra folds or unnecessary moves. You simply fold the bill and stick the pen through it. You canít get more direct than that. The only downside is that it cannot be done completely surrounded.

As a bonus, Alan teaches you another variation that, as he says, gives the effect a second phase of Mislead feel. Itís not the second phase (thatís Misleading Mislead) but it is a really interesting and different take on the effect.

The instructional download costs $9.00 and is available at http://www.alanrorrison.tk. It runs about 7 minutes.

BTW, Alan is a great guy and a pleasure to do business with.
Message: Posted by: zing82 (May 30, 2006 11:14PM)
I would like to add that Alan responds with great efficiency.

I've just got this effect last night and I could not get a link to the download after I made my payment. So I emailed Alan about it and besides giving me a prompt reply, he also offered me a free download because of the delay.

I've got sidetrack on the topic, but magicians looking for a pen thru bill in the most direct way, Real Penetration is the way to go!
Message: Posted by: bugjack (May 30, 2006 11:20PM)
Can you check the link? It doesn't work.
Message: Posted by: magicstudent (May 31, 2006 12:55AM)
Remove the last dot and try again.
Message: Posted by: bugjack (May 31, 2006 01:13AM)
Still bad.
Message: Posted by: papawemba (May 31, 2006 04:06AM)
The link is http://www.alanrorrison.tk
Message: Posted by: papawemba (Mar 27, 2007 03:42AM)
This actually look pretty good ! I was thinking of this old old principle but since everything can be borrowed....

Anymore review ?

Message: Posted by: IlDaDe (Mar 27, 2007 07:20AM)
Some days ago I've seen a Pen thru dollar completely examinable... Im trying to find it and then link it to you to know if someone have it!