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Topic: Thumb Tip Prep
Message: Posted by: sigivert (Nov 30, 2002 04:09PM)
Hey guys, after getting Klause in concert awhile back, a lot of the routines made me want to get my hands on a soft tip. So I got one and it's really hard to come off. I've heard ideas where you place a large coin into it and then into hot water but I think I remember those tips applying towards hard tips. anyone have any other ideas on how to make your tip a bit more friendly? :P also I would ask about the coloration but yeah, I just dig showing your hands empty with the tip towards them. Any other tips in general about this sorta thing would be greatly appreciated! :)
Message: Posted by: morrison (Nov 30, 2002 05:46PM)
I recommend the hard tip only. If you sweat, even a little, the soft tip makes the weirdest "plop" noise as it comes off! :genielamp:
Message: Posted by: sigivert (Dec 1, 2002 12:27AM)
Yeah but much of Klause's work utilizes the softness of the tip. I could work around another way to hold the bill and tip in one finger but hey trying to find a solution to this wouldn't hurt as well ;)
Message: Posted by: Pinky (Dec 1, 2002 02:00AM)
I'd recommend calling your local dealer. There are hundreds of different TT on the market and, unless you have overly large hands, you should be able to find on that fits better.

I used to work in a magic shop and I never heard of anyone needing to expand a soft tip (admittedly, I don't know exactly why the soft tip is needed though). I've always just used a hard Vernet too...and I've done both routines that I remember from the Klause tapes (billswitch and sponge to sleeve).

-Dave Cross
Message: Posted by: Magix (Dec 1, 2002 04:13PM)
Try this: Put a little baby powder or talcum powder in it and shake it around with the end pinched closed. Then dump out the extra and you should be left with a fine coating on the inside. This should make it easier, but it will have to be redone often.
Message: Posted by: Zach Allen (Dec 1, 2002 07:38PM)
I find that the hard tip is easier to work with and that it allows for more natural motions, as from time to time the soft tip will get sticky and not leave your finger easily.
Message: Posted by: Rich B. (Dec 3, 2002 12:46PM)
I purchased Dean Dill' s "Intimate Miracles", and he describes how to widen the tip. You use boiling water or heat the water in the microwave, and put the tip in for about a minute. Then take it out and use another tip and push it inside the heated one causing it to widen. Then cool it off in cold water while the other tip still inside. I find that this works great. I've had to use this technique for a D'lite, Gaeton Bloom's flying ring and others. Of course with a D'Lite do not submerge it into the water all the way.
Hope this helps.
Rich B.
Message: Posted by: Alan Munro (Dec 4, 2002 08:17AM)
Hank Moorehouse sells a really nice vinyl tip: $4 US. Soft, easy to handle -- I'm experimenting with it. Works for what I'm using it for. People could burn my hands and not notice it -- very realistic.
Message: Posted by: magic hands (Dec 4, 2002 02:45PM)
Alan..what is the link to get that T/T?
Don :question:
Message: Posted by: Alan Munro (Dec 7, 2002 05:43AM)
Hank Moorehouse can be reached through abbottmagic.com. I don't think that he has his own site.
Message: Posted by: Khopri (Dec 20, 2002 03:55PM)
That's a good site with a nice selection of professional stuff, but I can't believe they dont have a search function!
Message: Posted by: Stanyon (Feb 6, 2003 07:31PM)
Vinyl, hard, soft, whatever! Take a pin, heat it and poke 1 - 2 holes in the very tip.

Taa - Daah! No more suction problem.

Message: Posted by: khuber (Feb 6, 2003 08:45PM)
I prefer using the hard tip, they're just easier for me. :donut1:
Message: Posted by: Poof-Daddy (Feb 7, 2003 05:12AM)
I definitely prefer hard tip for cigarette vanish. I even preferred the original hard tip d'lites. :smoke:
Message: Posted by: JoshBlum (Feb 11, 2003 10:07PM)
I would have to recommend the King Tip. I own one of these thumb tips and think that it works great.
Message: Posted by: redstreak (Feb 12, 2003 07:27PM)
Does anybody here have a flip tip? I love mine, it is a great idea. You can make a silk, coin, glitter, or just about anything that will fit in a thumb tip appear SINGLE-HANDED! You can pull a sponge ball out of someones ear with an empty hand. There are hundereds of tricks and effects that can be done with it, it is a grat idea.
Message: Posted by: amazingboz (Feb 14, 2003 08:53AM)
I have never heard of a flip tip! Please email with more info. Wow! What next a left handed tip!
AmazingBoz :bunny2:
Message: Posted by: shinobi (Feb 15, 2003 04:48AM)
I can vouch for Stanyon's advice about the holes in the tip, but I put them at the cuticle line at the start of the nail. This way you can still have liquids in the tip.
Message: Posted by: Snidini (Feb 25, 2003 11:54PM)
Rich B. explained how to widen a tip but I wonder if you can shrink one using the same method. I have a small thumb and find I often have to use a ladies tip. The only problem is it doesn't have the capacity to hold a large silk. Any ideas?

Message: Posted by: Patrick McKeever (Mar 12, 2003 05:37PM)
Hi Sigivert,
Regarding showing the hands with tip. Long ago I read Slydinis handling of the TT. He suggested (once the TT is stolen) show your hand with TT open but for shortened and say:
"watch." There is no reason to be suspicious of this hand since the other one is supposedly holding the object and, frankly, that is the one that is getting most of their attention. At this point you can even go to your pocket for magic dust without suspicion thus ditching the TT. I seldom ditch the TT but for the faint hearted it is a good technique.

The TT is indeed a powerful weapon. With good technique it is hard to beat.