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Topic: Any examples of the Kruskal count?
Message: Posted by: dr chutney (Dec 1, 2002 04:02AM)
The example below is word based but I assume this principle could apply to numbers, cards and objects. Anyone know of other instances of this principle in action?

Below are the first three verses of the Book of Genesis. Start on any of the ten words in the first verse. Count the number of letters in that word. Now jump forward that same number of words e.g. if you started on the second word 'the' move forward to 'created'. Count the number of letters in the new word you are on. Jump forward again that number of words. Repeat this process until you reach a word in verse 3.

V1. In the beginning God created the heaven and the Earth.

V2. And the earth was without form and void and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.

V3. And God said, 'Let there be light', and there was light.

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Message: Posted by: Agathon (Dec 1, 2002 11:41AM)
It sounds rather convoluted to me. It seems to me that there are easier ways to force cards and objects.

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Message: Posted by: Alan Jackson (Dec 1, 2002 01:40PM)
There is a good account of the Kruskal Count in one of Martin Gardner's books but it is more of theoretical interest. The most practical examples I've seen (three of them) are im Jim Steimeyer's "Impuzzibilities". The Clock Trick is particularly good.