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Topic: DC Vanishes due to Exhaustion
Message: Posted by: mitchmagi (Mar 27, 2006 02:01AM)
Magician David Copperfield carried on with his Grand Illusion tour after skipping two Thursday shows at the Star Plaza Theatre in Merrillville and materializing at a local hospital.

"David's fine," a Copperfield publicist said Friday afternoon. "He was suffering from dehydration and exhaustion after spending 30 straight days of touring on road. It was nothing that a good night's rest and a home-cooked meal couldn't cure."

The 49-year-old illusionist, who headlined two shows Wednesday at the Star Plaza, fell ill shortly before his 5:30 p.m. performance Thursday, theater officials said. An ambulance was called, and the show was canceled on doctor's orders. An 8:30 p.m. performance, the finale of his two-day engagement, also was canceled.

Copperfield reportedly was treated in the emergency room at Methodist Hospitals' Southlake Campus in Merrillville and released. Hospital officials declined to comment, citing privacy issues.

The magic man "checked himself in and checked himself out," a second Copperfield publicist said. "He did not stay the night."

The magician, known for stunts like making the Statute of Liberty disappear, maintains a grueling schedule, performing 58 shows a month. Representatives from Los Angeles-based Lobeline Communications said he was to appear as scheduled Friday at the Louisville Palace Theatre in Kentucky.

Several hundred fans were waiting in the Star Plaza when the first show was canceled. Theater officials suggest patrons keep their tickets for a possible rescheduled date or seek refunds at the point of purchase.
Message: Posted by: Jared Sherlock (Apr 2, 2006 10:11AM)
I was at the 5:30 show in Merrillville on Wednesday and he was not in a good mood, we also agreed that he had a head cold. It was my 3 time seeing this show featuring the portal illusion, and although he had endless technical problems. He kept his cool pretty well and handled it better than expected.

When I got to meet him after the show he was very short and went down the line of us just going "how ya doin, how ya doin, how ya doin, thanks for coming, how ya doin how ya doin" I am not sure how he normally is as it was my first time meeting him, but we gave him the benefit of the doubt that he was feeling pretty bad.

Never the less it was a great show, always a good time to see him and I hope his health is back to 100 percent.

Message: Posted by: sunnydolan (Apr 2, 2006 02:47PM)
That's too bad, I hope he doesent miss the Atlanta show later on this year...
Message: Posted by: Micheal Leath (Apr 2, 2006 11:47PM)
On 2006-04-02 15:47, sunnydolan wrote:
That's too bad, I hope he doesent miss the Atlanta show later on this year...

He just came to Atlanta, GA back in January. I saw two of the shows. Is he coming back later this year?