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Topic: What's up with Qualatex?
Message: Posted by: Cholly, by golly! (Apr 1, 2006 02:59AM)
Has anyone else noticed a recent drop in the quality of Qualatex 260s?

I've been finding tiny "pinholes" in the tips and around the nozzle. A lot of balloons (around 15-20%) are unusable and pop just from inflation.

The balloons also seem to be getting smaller every time I order. I don't expect them to actually be 60" but some balloons (particularly black and green) are barely 30 inches long.

Anyone else?
Message: Posted by: Popo (Apr 1, 2006 08:53AM)
Cholly, I have not notices the size issue but I have noticed the quality issue. I get my balloons from a certain distributor. I then bought from another distributor that was cheaper and had this problem. Since going back to my original distributor I have not had the problem. I have not bought from Qualatex directly but plan to do so in the future as we have begun to work on the CBA certification. So, in my experience it has been the distributor probably selling older balloons. Do you buy from a distributor or from Qualatex/Pioneer directly?
Message: Posted by: Cholly, by golly! (Apr 1, 2006 10:36AM)
I buy from a distributor as well as a local magic shop who buys directly from Qualatex. Unfortunately, I've had these problems with balloons from both sources.
Message: Posted by: CyberMage (Apr 1, 2006 09:50PM)
I was having this problem as well, but I found out it was my pump that was causing the pin holes. When I switched pumps the problem was gone.
Message: Posted by: Carl Skenes (Apr 3, 2006 08:08AM)
Unfortunately, and ironically for a company whose name is based on the words quality latex, their balloon quality has been a bit erratic over the years. Pinholes and varying sizes are but two of their quality control problems. Siamese(two 260's stuck together)balloons, opaque colors that are actually transparent, thin walls, non-existant nozzles and balloons that are too clean, are just some of their other problems. Not to mention their random discontinuation of certain colors and styles of balloons.

But let not your hearts be troubled, for Qualatex will stand behind their product. If you have received unsatisfactory product, please call the appropriate Qualatex HOT LINE:

USA 1-800-880-6118
Canada 1-800-263-6861
UK 0800 28 12 15
Europe +44 1279 501090
Australia 1 800 814-634
Mexico 1 800 1 12 69 56
Other Countries 316-685-2266

You will have to ship them your bad stock, but they will replace it with new balloons.

That said, you might also consider doing business with: http://www.betallic.com/index.php

Betallic has a better color and size selection and their quality control seems to be more consistent.
Message: Posted by: Cholly, by golly! (Apr 3, 2006 10:07AM)
I have found the Pioneer party store "Twisty" balloons to be more consistent than Qualatex lately.
Message: Posted by: Howdydoodat (Apr 22, 2006 12:45PM)
Re; the siamese balloons, I use them to make fishing rods instead of tying an uninflated balloon as the string the second balloon is already attached. The fish joins onto the second balloon fine.
Message: Posted by: Carl Skenes (Apr 24, 2006 12:21AM)

Siamese balloons are not always structurally sound. I have found that there is often a leak, or hole, in one or both of the balloons. That said....if I wish to sculpt a rod & reel then I, not Qualatex, will do so when I feel that it is appropriate. I buy balloons to sculpt as I see fit, much as a painter buys paints in order to paint whatever they wish.
Message: Posted by: Howdydoodat (Apr 24, 2006 12:35PM)
Carl Skenes,
and I'm sure that superior tone and sarcasm wins friends too. All I'm saying is it's not worth sending a whole bag back for a couple of mis-made balloons, use what you can in ways that it works.