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Topic: Recommended Silk Products
Message: Posted by: magic4ewe (Apr 2, 2006 11:09PM)
As a magic hobbyist, who likes to perform for kids, I would like to get into silks. They are just so visual, that I think it is a good choice. I have never used them before, but I would like to start learning about them.

I am thinking about purchasing one of Duane Laflin's DVDs or Rice's DVD. In the meantime, I was wondering what silk trick/routines everyone likes to perform?

I have tried buying a TT, but to no avail. I went to my local magic shop and they couldn't fit one to me properly (I have extremely small hands; actually child-like) and I ordered a finger-tip one, but it was still too large and its capacity was really low.

Any tips, info, or advice is appreciated.
Message: Posted by: carbone1853 (Apr 3, 2006 12:22AM)
The Rice Silk Encyclopedia is a very nice place to start. Not too expensive and covers just about anything you might want to do with silk. As well as some stuff you didnít even think of. I would stay away from the DVDs till you have some Idea what you want to do. The books will cover more ground for less money and most silk stuff is very easy to learn form books.

Unless you have extremely small hands any common thumb tip should work for you. It is more likely your local magic shop did not know how a tt should fit.

That said, Rice will have many alternate methods to a tt.

Message: Posted by: magic4ewe (Apr 3, 2006 12:52AM)
Thanks for the info! I will see what I can find in regards to the reading material you suggested.

And yes, unfortunately, I do have extremely small hands. My thumb is only 1.5" long and slender. I'm glad that I will be able to research and find alternatives to the TT.
Message: Posted by: Zazz (Apr 3, 2006 01:12AM)
Another question....has anyone ever purchased the Encyclopedia on CD? I was wondering how it compared with having it in book form? Is it too inconvenient?
Message: Posted by: LostSoul (Apr 3, 2006 07:48AM)
I have the Encyclopedia on CD, I've never seen all of the books (I have Vol 3)...

The CD appears to be the books that have been scanned. I've printed them out because I like paper, but I also keep a copy on my laptop so if I need something to read (or research) I can find it quickly.

Message: Posted by: Magicshore (Apr 28, 2006 03:23PM)

Here's two thoughts on your TT problem. You can shape it a bit by placing it in boiling water for a few ( carefully ) and then removing it and shaping it at the opening. This may take a few attempts but you can alter it with patience. Also , and guys, help me out with this since I do not have one....would a sixth F*****, cut down, work as a TT ?

Message: Posted by: Bill Hegbli (Apr 29, 2006 03:34PM)
A TT is not suppose to be an exact match to your thumb, or is it suppose to fit perfectly on your thumb. It is just an hidden device the audience never sees, but if they do, it will go un-noticed. If you seen the metal ones originally sold in the 1960's, you would have laughed.

Alternatives devices are Palmo and the simplex dye tubes. These are concealed in the hand and exchanged from hand to hand and ditched when appropriate.
Message: Posted by: Ray Ouellette (May 11, 2006 09:08PM)
I just received the 4 volumes on CD from Hank Lee. Very convenient because of the search function.

Message: Posted by: flourish dude (May 11, 2006 10:53PM)
Laflin has loads of effects with silks. Check out anyone of his DVD/videos
Message: Posted by: Foxbiz (May 15, 2006 05:11PM)
Instead of a TT, check out Jay Scott Berry and his work with the Sanada (modified) gimmick. It is a finger shell, but does more work than the TT. He also has quite a background with the TT and how to keep it in play.
Lynn Fox